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Friday, September 26, 2003


Are you aware that KSL TV has taken our right to choose what we want to watch away? That's right, they have refused to show "Coupling" a new fall tv show. Do they explain why? No! Any word about it? No! Absolutely nothing as to why. Do we know why, hell ya! KSL is owned and operated by the LDS church.
And the LDS church will not have you watching a show that has to do with sex, oh wait, Friends is on KSL, WOW! So is Will and Grace and they have homosexual characters! Oh but, I guess if the shows make a lot of money, then they must be ok.

Coupling was set to show at 8:30pm, so they can't say it's because it's not ok for kids to watch. Law & Order Criminal Intent is on at 8:00pm, have you seen that show?

Seriously now, are we not tired of having our rights taken away?

If you feel differently, that's fine. But I like my rights and will continue to fight for them.

If you agree, feel free to email KSL and let them know how you feel:

Thank you for your time.

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