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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Life is good other than the sickness

It's 2:36am here the in snowy Salt Lake City Valley, so I'll make this short.

I've been sick now for 11 days, getting very tired of being tired.
Life is good other than the sickness. Married life is the same as it was before we got married. People are always asking if it's different, or how's married life? It's the same!
And by being the same I don't mean bad, or thought it would have been better. For those that know us, we were together for 6 years before getting married. So we already knew each other's habits and such. It's kind of retarded that people ask that question. I used to ask that question, but it just doesn't seem relevant to a couple who have already been together so long. I don't have it as bad as Jory though, he's being asked the #1 question all newlyweds are asked. "Is she pregnant yet?" Do people just not realize that it's none of there damn business?!?! However, we have the best come back for that question. It will put their foot in their mouth! Not many people have the ability to shove it back in their face like we do! Of course I don't think a lot of people who have our come back would actually use it. But I'm just the type who really enjoys throwing shit back at people to hopefully ruin their entire week!

I told Jory what he needs to tell them when he's asked so very often, when are you having kids? That we CAN'T have kids! That will shut them up and make them feel like the shit they should for asking such a private question.

My parts are broken, I can't have kids on my own, and hopefully with help we will, but we will not know that until we make the decision to take the help. If we are really lucky it will be the help that is covered by insurance. Because if it comes to the $10,000 kind of help, we probably won't be able to do that. We don't have that kind of money.

To explain, like it's your damn business, however it may help others who have my problem.
I have PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. We didn't find it out until September 2002 which for my body was a little late in the game. See I'm 26, going on 27 in 23 days and my "clock" has been ticking for about 5 years now. But at least we found out, I just thought my body was retarded! But I will continue my PCOS saga another day.
I have to sleep!

Good night to all.

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