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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Jory has inspired me, he has posted a new blog every day (minus one) since the beginning of January! My last blog was the beginning of November, MY GOD!

So let's talk about what's been going on. Christmas was good, spent xmas eve and early xmas day at my mom's in Logan. Went to Jory's mom's in Salt Lake later that evening. Had fun giving presents to our families. Celebrated xmas again over new years at Jory's dad's house in Provo.

Went to the Doctor, talked about Clomid, he gave me a prescription and told me to use it when we are ready. I waited over 2 weeks to fill the prescription, figured hopefully Jory would be ready to start getting serious about getting pregnant in a few months. So we talked about it, he said he'd never be ready so I better just start taking it. =)
Jory is going to be a great father. He says he's scared or not ready, but when you see him with kids, it's a whole other Jory.
He's so sweet and tender and loving, even though he tries to put off that tough, I'm Joe Kool, "get me a beer biOtch then come and do your other job" sort of act. He's a tenderoni to the bone!

I know it's scary to move on to the next step in life, parenting, but we need to realize that we are getting older. If I didn't have medical problems, we could probably wait a few years. Even though we are already going to be in our 50's by the time our kid graduates.

So....I started taking Clomid January 6th. Practiced making babies around the time I should have been ovulating. Now I'm just waiting....January 31st, I will take my first pregnancy test.

It's funny cause Saturday and Sunday I had this weird feeling in my uterus area and kept giggling to myself that even if I was pregnant, there is no way I would be feeling anything until the 4th or 5th month. I told my secret to Sarah at work and she actually made me feel better, because she said a lot of women who start taking fertilitly drugs, start "thinking" they feel something. What's really weird is, after she told me that the feeling went away. I'm retarded I know.

OH..........GOOD NEWS, our very good friends' Robby and Regina are pregnant and have twins in May!!! I'm so excited and very jealous all at the same time! I love them, they will be so cute.

Also, on the baby thing, we talked it out and Jory will be the stay at home dad, working weekends while I'm at home. I'm sad that I don't get to do that, but maybe later on I will get to stay home while he works. I'm just worried that I will miss so much of my baby's life. But it's the best for now, Jory is unhappy with his job, and it will guarantee our baby will have a close relationship with their dad and that is all I ask for.

We are finally taking the steps to buy a house. We need to move fast because our lease is up at the end of February. I'm not sure we can find a house and close on it in a month. I'm sure if all else fails we can put our stuff in storage and stay at my dad's condo or with Jory's mom. We need to do to the bank to see how much we can be approved for. I'm so excited for our own house!!! I can't wait to mow the lawn in the spring and water the grass in the summer. Sit outside in the sun and privacy of your own backyard. Plant a garden and pull the weeds, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I think that's good for now...Wait I didn't get a chance to respond to Jory's blog about spanking our child when they've been bad, so here's a quick response. I'm very thankful that you changed your mind and agree that spanking doesn't teach you how to be a human and walk to planet. It only teaches you to believe that violence is an answer to a problem. Violence is never the answer, it only teaches hate. We will have LOVE in our household, we will teach them to trust our judgement and respect us, as we respect them.

I love you Jory, thanks for the inspiration! I will also try to Blog nightly, however I don't always get on the computer every night, so I may have to blog while at work.


B.B. MaGee

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