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Friday, November 19, 2004

Birthday Count Down

9 Days until my 28th Birthday!

Normally I am very excited about my birthday, but I'm not this year. It's another birthday without a baby. So I figured if I pretend to be happy about it, I may just convience myself into really being happy! I started thinking about when I was growing up, my favorite thing to do was to make a list of stuff I wanted for my birthday!

So here's my list of stuff I want:
1. A baby!

1b. A PUPPY!

2. Clothes (I'm in desperate need of clothes) My dream would be to have someone select me for TLC's What not to Wear. Now I know that I don't look as bad as some people on that show, but I do tend to wear the same thing everyday. Led Zeppelin T-Shirt and Jeans. I'm going on 28 and don't dress like a 28 year old.

3. Tools to build stuff with. We don't have many tools, no drill, no saw, nothing. So I guess gift certificate to Lowes would be GREAT!

4. Craft stuff (all kinds of paint, paint brushes, beads, material, beading wire, clay, canvas, glue, craft cutting board with 2 cutters, glass, mat board, foamcore, anything crafts!)

5. Poster frames for my Led Zeppelin posters.

6. New printer for my computer. One that will print better photos.

7. PS2 games: Tony Hawk Underground 2, The Urbs, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

8. DVD's: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, Farrenheit 911, Queer As Folk all seasons, Sex and the City all seasons, Friends all seasons, The Soprano's all seasons, Hmmm I'll think of more later!

9. Computer games: The Sims 2

10. Paper shredder, everyone needs one!

11. Dinner at Famous Daves! YUMMY!

12. 400 TC (or more) queen size sheets!

13. Olive green Microfiber chair at Fischer's Outlet store, I'm so in love with it!

14. Everything I need to finish our basement!

15. Pool table

16. Someone to finish my yard and build my fence!

17. Trip thru Europe


19. Laptop

20. Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

21. The Perfect Job

I guess that will be it for now, because I've slowed down in thinking up things that I want. I need to go clean my house now we have a friend coming over and I need to shower after I'm done cleaning.

Pictured above is my friend Jazairra's baby girl Isabel on her 2nd birthday. Her mommy or daddy took this picture.

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