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Friday, November 19, 2004

Friends moving to town

So my friends are moving to town! I'm so excited! Since moving here, we haven't made any new friends and well I'm hungry to hang out with friends with kids! Last I heard they were moving here in NOVEMBER, well it's November I guess I should give them a call! Jen and Jon have two boys (pictured above) Alex will be 6 yrs old in March and Ethan turned 2 this past July. They are the cutest little boys in the world! Alex has been a Thomas the Tank Engine Train fan from day one and Ethan has followed in his footsteps. I used to go to Jen's house every Thursday after work and watch Friends, Survivor and ER. All the while playing with the boys! I miss them so much and can't wait to have them be so close!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and my mother in law is getting her first Tattoo! I'm excited and hopefully on Monday she'll let me take a picture of it!

The picture of Alex and Ethan was not taken by me, I assume it was professionally done.

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