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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Idiots in America

If the people here in Utah only did their homework and read the full Constitution Amendment 3, they would realize what they have done by passing it. This state is full of uneducated Republicans who don't know why or what they are voting for, they just do it because their Republicans. And they are Republicans, because their parents are. No one seems to think for themselves in this state and it makes me sick.

The first part of the amendment was, to put it simply, change the wording of marriage to state clearly Man and Woman. That way no same sex couple can legally marry in Utah. Well we didn't need an amendment for that, it is already illegal in Utah.

The second part of the amendment would make it illegal for businesses to offer domestic partner insurance, medical information to an unmarried nonblood related parent illegal, and unmarried parents going thru custody battles not able to fight for child support.

I think the people in Utah who voted Yes on this amendment did it without knowledge of what part 2 was really about. Or they are too stubborn in their religious beliefs to see what they have done. Before Jory and I married, we were able to have Domestic Partner Insurance which paid for my husbands surgry just over a year ago. Without the surgry, he would have died. So obviously, whether we had insurance or not, he was getting the surgry. I have no idea how many thousands of dollars we would have had to pay if it were not for domestic partner insurance offered by the company I worked for. And that is just one tiny part of Section 2 of the amendment that 76% of Utahns voted to pass yesterday. They have no idea how many people this is going to hurt. And why did they pass it? They passed it because they are ignorant to the education widely available about the amendment and closed minded to the fact that we all have our right to religion, but there should be seperation of church and state. And there obviously is NO seperation in the state of Utah.

I don't force my beliefs down their throat, however I have their's forced down mine on a daily basis.

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