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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Janis 2001 - 2004

We had to put Janis to sleep yesterday, November 11, 2004. The doctor told us they think she had a stroke. This is what caused her to have no mobility in her lower torso. She was so sick and looked like she was in so much pain. The doctor drugged her up beforehand so she would not feel anything. It was the first time in three days that she finally looked at peace. Jory and I just continued to pet her and talk to her until she passed, it took only minutes. We cried and comforted one another while saying our good bye's to Janis. After bringing her home we found a tin just her size and my yellow and orange bandana to blanket her. I printed pictures of her and Jerry and placed them inside the tin. We buried her in the backyard and covered the area with bricks, which will be perminent in the spring when we finish our back yard. We love Janis and will miss her dearly!

Picture 1: Janis just before we buried her. Picture 2: Jerry, missing Janis so very much!

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I'm so sorry for your loss. My cat passed away in September. It's a hard feeling to get over. I still miss him. (((hugs)))

Comment from aiibrat - 11/14/04 10:31 PM

I am so sorry about your loss, I hate that feeling of losing an animal, I had a chiwawa that I had since I was 15years old and I am now 30 and he died on July 4th. It was awful, we just moved into our house on July 1st and I put him outside to get used to the back yard, and on July 4th I went outside to bring him in and I called and called but he didnt come, I immediately went out the front door and there he was laying a few feet from the porch, he tried to jump over the small picket gate and landed on his neck, the thing that sent me into tears was the fact when he heard me say OMGGG he started breathing I was like OMGGGGGGGG I petted him all the way to the Vet and kept saying Its ok go to the light, cause I knew there was no saving him, before we pulled in the parking lot, I said I loved him and he tried to wimper but couldn't and breathed out and never breathed in he passed right there in my arms. I was a mess, we took him in and they confirmed he had passed, I was like man, my dog was so obediant that he wanted my permission to go. I too burried him my back yard. Bye Heather

Comment from luvinmythreeboyz - 11/13/04 7:00 PM

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