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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Job Interview

I have a job interview tomorrow with Allstate Insurance. Location is great, pay is good, it's a career not a job, but not really what I want. They offer Vacation and Sick pay! Dilema is they don't offer Health Insurance. It's too expensive for him to cover his employees. That's exactly why Bush should have been thrown to the wolves yesterday!!! That is one of the many reasons I voted for Kerry.

If I were healthy and didn't need medication, it wouldn't be that big of deal unless of course you like coverage for those unplained accidents or illnesses. But I need medical insurance. With insurance my medical bills are around $100 a month. I have been off all my medication now for 5 months. No I will not die if I don't have my pills, but my body is killing itself slowly. If I don't take my pills, I will never be able to get pregnant. I already have the lowest possible chance of getting pregnant while on medication. But I certainly don't want to decrease my chances.
So what do I do? Take a job that pays what I need to be making and not have medical insurance. Or take one of the low paying jobs that has medical insurance but eats up the entire paycheck? You tell me, what do I do?

The picture above is my beautiful husband Jory at sunset.

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