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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hot Friday

This week flew by so fast, I love it! Well here comes the heat! It's around 105 degrees outside. Thank god we moved here in March and our bodies have adjusted a little bit. It feels like 95 to me, not too uncomfortable. Sunday it's supposed to be 112 degrees!

So we accepted an offer on our house, it's not what we wanted but we want it sold and done with. We will be closing the 3rd or 10th of June so we are headed back to Utah to sign on the dotted line. We can't wait to see our friends and family! We love Arizona and wouldn't ever move back to Utah, but we do miss our loved ones.

Tomorrow we're going to look at some Toyota Prius'. I've wanted to buy a hybrid ever since the Honda Insight came out in 1999. Now that my Honda CRV is paid off and we sold Jory's Trooper it's time to get another car. I was dead set on getting a Honda Civic or Accord Hybrid, but the Accord is too expensive and the Civic isn't as powerful as the Prius. Just doing my part to save the environment. ;)

Funny story...on my lunch today I was sitting on the curb near the sprinklers to enjoy the cool mist. Well after enjoying a few cigarettes while chatting with Jory on the phone, I got up to gather my things and get back to work and found my ass was wet! The water had seeped through the cracks in the sidewalk all the way over to my safe dry spot. Next time you innocently think of enjoying a cool mist on a hot day, think of my wet butt and sit further away.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sunny California! Posted by Hello

Weekend in San Diego

San Diego was Awesome! We had so much fun hanging out with Jory's mom (Sandy), aunt Gail and uncle Bob! We stayed at Bob & Gails beautiful house in Bonsall, CA. So gorgeous, it reminded me of what I think Italy looks like as far as the hillside houses go.

Saturday (Jory's Birthday) we went to Seaport Village and did some shopping. That night we had a BBQ (so yummy!) and delicious Strawberry Shortcake for desert.

Sunday (Mother's Day) we went to Oceanside and had breakfast with Sandy and Gail and hit the beach. "Baywatch" tried to kick us off the beach because dog's aren't allowed. Since when do we follow the rules? Mazzy loved the beach! She went crazy on the sand, jumping around like she was on crack, sooo funny! We're pretty sure we saw the beach front condo that was used in the film "Summer School".

On our way home we stopped at the Puma outlet and I bought a kool bag for only $14!

We had such a great time and would love to do it again soon!
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Here's a closer look at the castle on the hill! It covers the top of that hill! Only TWO people live there, Crazy! Posted by Hello

This is the view from Bob and Gail's backyard. Reminds me of Italy, or at least what I think Italy looks like. Posted by Hello

Jory trying to teach Mazzy, "No Press"! Posted by Hello

The most beautiful day, I love the ocean! Posted by Hello

Mazzy's first ever walk on the beach! She loved it! Posted by Hello

Jory's birthday in Seaport Village. Posted by Hello

Jory & Mazzy....staring contest? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Headed to San Diego

We're packing up the car and heading to San Diego this weekend. Haven't been to San Diego since I was 10 years old. All I remember is visiting the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose. Wait, we also went to Sea World!

It's Jory's birthday this weekend and GranSandy is flying in for the weekend to visit her sister. So we figured why not meet her there?! I'll take lots of pics and post some when we get back.

Last weekend we bought a Kennel for Mazzy so when Jory starts working she isn't loose in the house. So far she loves it but that's probably because we haven't shut the door yet. We're going to take it will us this weekend and I'm sure there is going to be a time when we have to lock her in to go out to dinner or something. Makes me nervous to leave her, but it will be better in a house than our apartment. She barks the entire time we're gone!

We had to leave her the first time the day we went to Nascar. I can't imagine how many hours she barked for before she passed out. The second time was only a few hours, we went to Famous Daves for dinner the day after Nascar. She was still barking when we got home. I worry about complaints from our neighbors! I hate to leave her as much as she hates to be left!

We're talking about getting her a puppy (yes, getting our puppy a puppy!). She needs someone to play with while we're at work. We got a big enough kennel in case we decide to get another one.

That's it for now, maybe more tonight.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Schroll down past the photos, read the instructions before looking at the photos....I'm tired you'll understand. Posted by Hello

See # 97, he eventually won the race.  Posted by Hello

The Race begins...dead center, that's #8 Dale Earnhart Jr! Posted by Hello

Here comes the RAIN!!! Posted by Hello

Enjoying our day at the races. From left to right: Jory, Jessie, & Shane Posted by Hello

Picture Perfect, Beautiful! Posted by Hello

Mazzy Star born Nov. 21, 2004. Posted by Hello
As I published the photos, I realized it was putting them in backwards order. So for now schroll to the bottom of the pictures, read the post then schroll up starting the the first picture from the bottom. I'll try and change it tomorrow, I'm tired and going to bed now. Oh and the time stamps were off by an hour. So when it says 3 am, it was actually 2 am. Now it's 3 am..


Our First Visitors

It's May 1st, 2005! My God! Time flys when you're lovin' life!
Loving our lives in Sunny Arizona! I don't think people really understand how good it feels to know you are going to wake up to a sunny day, everyday. Yeah, summer will suck with all the heat but it beats one winter in Utah.

Work is going really well. I enjoy everyone I work with. There are those few weirdos that have voices like fingernails on a chalkboard and those that complain constantly but otherwise everyone is awesome. I have a lot of down time which I enjoy most of the time. If I get too bored I go to and play Jewel Quest.

Last weekend Shane and Jessie came down to visit us and go to a Nascar race at PIR. It was a lot more fun than I ever would have guessed. The cars go sooo fast! It's so different in real life than on TV. A monsoon dropped by just before the race and we got soaked. But it was still really fun. Nascar fans are an oddity that I don't think I can explain. Such a wide variety of weirdos, but we did see George Lucas! And some famous retired racecar driver, don't remember his name.

We went Frisbee Golfing that Sunday, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the park. Mazzy was sooo warn out, she napped almost constantly for the next two days.

Went back to work feeling like I needed a vacation from the busy weekend we had. Five minutes before I left for lunch I was informed that we didn't get a lunch for the whole week because half our department would be in training! I was so pissed and so angry and so having a bad day. But I got over it the next day while I was eating the catered lunch they brought us. But I was sure glad to have the week over to begin my relaxing weekend.

We went to Petsmart today and bought a crate for Mazzy. Since Jory is going to be looking for a job now, we have to get her used to being in a crate while we are gone. She has serious separation anxiety! We set it up tonight and put in a toy and a pig ear. She seemed pretty weary of it at first but after we gave her a treat for goig pee on the pad, she took her treat in the crate and ate it there. So I think this is going to work! Once Jory starts working, I'll probably come home on my lunches to check in on her and let her out to pee.

Mazzy is so cute, we've had so much fun with her! GranSandy sent her a package with a new toy and Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce for us! She loves her toy and we play catch with it all the time now. Thankfully we have a Famous Dave's across the street practically but we were still very thankful for the sauce. You can never have enough FD's bbq sauce in the house.

We've had some offers on the house, but nothing has panned out yet. Selling a house in a different state is not something I would suggest. It's very stressful even though we don't have much to do with it. The first offer was laughable, and well the second was just as laughable.
We shouldn't have even countered the first offer, we should have told them to go to hell.
We're having problems with our builder, he's stopping real estate agents and telling them he can build our exact house for $10,000 cheaper than our asking price. Go ahead and build a house with Highmark and then they will see what we've had to put up with. They such and build horrible homes that fall apart. I can't wait to sell our house so we can start the verbal attack on Highmark! Everyone will hear about what a dirty little company they are.
I can't wait!!!

Anyway, it's my weekend and I don't want to think about that right now. Tomorrow we're going to check out another Frisbee Golf park up in Fountain Hills, I think. I'll write and let you know how it was.



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