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Thursday, June 23, 2005

New Drawers

To show you how bored we get at work I have copied an IM below for your enjoyment. Note, we got new drawers at our desks because some people have to share desks. I am going to be one of those people starting Saturday. That will be interesting, I'm sure I'll be writing about that at a later date.

Mac HEY !!! I wanted a wet bar and TV !!
Mac I wanted BLUE drawers !!

Joey I wanted purple!
Joey ooooooh and a FLIP down flat screen tv too!

Mac Eeewwwww............... and baby-puke green !!

Joey gross!

Mac "Dorito" wants to sing to you (names have been changed to protect their identity)

Joey STOP!

Mac "Hackin The Night Away" !!!
Mac "Sweet Loogie Brown" !!
Mac Ooooppppssss................... I mean Green.

Joey AAGGGHHHH! I'm gonna HURL!

Mac Hurl in your new drawers !!

Joey Hurl in your drawers!

Joey when you least expect it.

Mac I don't THINK so..............

Joey that's right you don't THINK, so there!

Joey I just became 5 years old......sorry

Mac I THINK I've had enough of this nonsense.

Joey Sure.

Mac The guys in the green outfits are showing your plumber's butt

Joey LOL
Joey Gross

Mac Kinda like hacking in your general direction

Joey yeah....I can see the green chunks come out of his mouth as he hacks in your direction.

Mac I duck and swoosh them your way.'re it !!

Joey they have mini radars and are set to land on YOU->

Mac But I'M TEFLON MAN !!!! and they slide off of me and land on you.

Joey Nuh Uh!

Mac Uh.HUH !!

Joey (the 5 yr old comes out again) NUH UH!!!

Mac Don't YOU MAKE me stop this car young lady !! I will turn around and go RIGHT back home !!!

Joey My mom actually stopped in the middle of the hwy once.......I was 15! We were on our way to the grocery store and when we got there and got out of the car, she told me to take off the flannel shirt wrapped around my waist and I refused (because that was a ridiculous request).....she said if I didn't take off the flannel shirt off we were going back home....needless to say we got back in the car and headed home. My mom got so frustrated that her threat didn't work she stopped in the middle of the hwy with cars backed up behind her, she refused to go until I took the shirt off! Of course I continued to call her bluff and after 5 minutes which seemed like forever she finally drove on home. After that she learned that I was so stubborn, she would never win.
Joey She should have known from my entire childhood that she would never win. I was a horrible child, but she deserved it.

Mac People like you end up on America's Most Wanted.

Joey I know........that's in my 5 year plan! lol

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