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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The house is sold! We closed last friday and we couldn't be happier about it! I thought I was going to be sad it was our first house after all. However after the slew of phone calls begging us to let them move in early has put a stop to any possible sadness. Marci called us 4 times before we closed to see if we wanted to let them move in early and we said No, four times. Even at closing she asked us again (I know she's was just doing her job) we said No. So we signed our names a million times and walk out of closing feeling a sense of relief, it's over! Except for the FAT ASS check we had to write, it really makes me never want to buy or sell house again!

ANYWAY....we head off to my mom's for the Big BBQ. Visited with friends and family, ate a plateful of yummy goodness! And we get a phone call from Marci.....dun dun dunnnn. What is Marci calling for I say out loud? The buyers called her all sorts of PISSED OFF, said they've talked to everyone they know who's ever bought or sold a house and have NEVER heard of not being able to move in to a house after the papers are signed. They want Marci to give them OUR phone number so they can call me and ask us WHY we won't let them move in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Give me a F-ing break! Are these adults or children? Their ergency only worried me more. They even tried to turn it around on us and say that there was nothing to stop us from going in the house and stealing the appliances and trashing the house, even though Marci has all the keys and garage door openers. I was so PISSED!
For the record let me explain why we were following the contract and not letting them move in early. When I was 13 years old my parents bought a larger house up on the hill in Logan and "sold" our old house to a Hud family who ended up not being able to pay for the house and it took a year and a half to get them out, after they trashed the place! Our family was financially ruined by this and I will never EVER do anyone a favor that can bite me in the ass like it did them. We're talking about a house mind you.

I told Marci there was no reason for them to call me, we weren't going to change our minds no matter what they said to me, they knew from the beginning they couldn't move in until the check cleared and that would not change.

As far as I know our mortgage is paid off but I don't have proof yet. So until then the drama continues.

I will post later about our trip to Utah for the closing of our house. I'm all pissed off again, so I'm off to smoke.

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