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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sweet Rodney

Happy Birthday Rod!
Thanks for always being such a good friend. Take care of yourself, you deserve the best of everything!

Daddy Kendrick

Happy Birthday Dad!
I wish you another healthy and happy year.
I love you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Most Expensive Battery Replacment Ever!

Car is fixed.
Most expensive battery replacement every, $450! (new starter $200, new battery $60, rental car with gas and car wash $170, Pep Boys bill to replace two spark plugs and a tune up $100, minus $80 for returning old but pefectly working starter = $450.

Week 5 of Whooping Cough: Still coughing, even puking now. My back is killing me. I feel like I've been kicked in the back and ribs with steel toed boots. everyday. all day. makes me walk funny.

Day 26 of not smoking: Smoked four cigarettes today. I went 4 days without smoking, then Jory caved (have to make that point, it wasn't me this time) and I would have 1 or 2 at night after work for two weeks. Then the car broke and we went nuts and smoked almost like normal, but never at work. This week, I've been smoking between 3-4 at night. And really it's only because I already feel like shit, so why not enjoy myself when I can? It doesn't really seem to make a difference with my cough so I'm going to justify it.

The Toyota dealership has a few Prius' in stock, plan on checking them out on Friday. A few days ago Jory and I talked about how much it would be with insurance and were thinking it would be too expensive with only me working, but I think maybe I might still want one! So you all need to start donating to our cause, or Jory will need to get a job!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I just spend an hour writing about our day and the ONE time I don't copy and paste my post in a safe place just in case blogger times me out, I get FUCKING TIMED OUT! GOD! I'm PISSED! I'm not writing it again, so read Jory's version or suck it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Car Trouble

This is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, camping in Moab, Utah 4/20/04. Posted by Picasa

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

My usual Monday morning started the same as every other Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday morning.
Cell phone alarm goes off at 10:30 am, snooze.
10:40 am...Snooze.
10:50 am...SNOOZE!
11:00 am...Five more minutes.
11:10 am OH SHIT I'm going to be late!
Jump in the shower, get dressed, run out the door, jump in car, start car....Start Car......Start the fucking Car. Why the fuck isn't my car STARTING???? Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. I assume the 116 degree weather has melted my car so I try again, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. OH FUCK!

I walk over to our patio, "shit, shit, shit, shit" toss pebbles at the sliding glass door to get Jory's attention, he opens the door and I tell him I forgot my cell phone (which I realized when I went to call Jory from the car, to tell him the car wouldn't start because that would be easier than walking across the parking lot to our patio, laziness at it's best!) and that I have some bad news. The car won't start. I tell him it's making the Clickity Click Click Click Click Click sound and I know it's not out of gas.

Jory joins me out at the car, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. So I call my trusty younger brother Christopher who's been a mechanic since birth. Seriously the kid has been taking things apart and "mostly" putting them back together since he realized those things attached to his arms were hands and could hold stuff!

So I get him on the phone and tell him I'm going to put him on speaker and hold the phone to see if he can hear the sound my car is making when turning the key and he laughs but humors me. This isn't new to him, I call him anytime my car is making funny noises and ask him what the sound means. Last time it was my breaks and I called him probably 4 times to get him to listen to my breaks sqweeling (is that a word?) and he tried to convince me he couldn't hear it but trusted my description and demonstration of the sqweel and confirmed I needed new breaks. He was right, I had them replaced and no more sqweel.

So I'm holding the cell phone out the drivers door closest to the engine as possible and turning the key, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. He heard it this time and said it's definitely my starter. Christopher assures us this is really easy to replace, meaning we might be able to handle it. Jory calls his dad and he says the same thing, should be real easy.

I call in a favor and get a ride to work. When I get to work, I ask Jeff who is a car nut, so I'm assuming he knows a thing or two and he also confirms this is really easy to replace and should only take an hour. However, if we are not able to do this he has hinted at the idea of coming over to help us this weekend.

After stressing about getting to and from the autopart store without a CAR, Jory and I decide we'll get up early, take a cab to Napa pick up the part I've ordered and cab it back home. We'll try and replace the starter and get me to some point.

These are the times in our life that I really miss our friend Todd. We used to live in the same apartment complex in West Valley, Utah "Wessssss' Siiiiiiiide" and anytime we had a car problem, question or concern we called Todd. Todd and Darby now currently reside in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Christopher was always our diagnoser (that's definitely not a word) until we moved to Nibley,UT and then he became our personal mechanic. This is the second time we've needed him to fix the car since we moved here. The breaks were the first.

This is worst part about having only ONE car, especially in a new city with no friends or family. Needless to say, my hunt to purchase a new Toyota Prius is back on!

We'll let you know how our Starter replacing goes another time. With pictures!
It's 4:29 am and we have to leave at 10 am...sleepy time.

Whooping cough update: Going on week four, occuring more often, more violent, harder to breath and causing worse headaches. I'll leave you with one word, mucus.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


A is for Age: 28

B is for Booze: Crown Royal and Skyy Vodka…drink would be “Adios MotherFucker”

C is for Career: Technical Support for a GIGANTIC company

D is for Dad's Name: Doyle, step is Gary, inlaw is Ken

E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: camera

F is for Favorite song at the moment: Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani

G is for Goof off thing to do: Read Dooce all day long…I’m almost caught up.

H is for Hometown: Logan, Utah

I is for Instrument You Play: currenly my ipod…I’ve always wanted a drum to play.

J is for Jam or Jelly you like: Raspberry

K is for Kids: 2, Mazzy Star our precious Pom princess and Jerry Garcia my lazy stoned ferret.

L is for Living Arrangement: My husband Jory and our “kids” in a shit hole apartment (I miss our house).

M is for Mom's name: Debbie

N is for Names of Good Friends: Jory, Shane, Juli, Jen, Jenni, Jon, Jen, Sara, Sarah, Em, Adam, Wy, Regina, Robby, Todd, Darby, Tom, Rod, Eric, Athena, …I can’t possibly list everyone.

O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: A year ago, not for me, my brother Shane had a really bad accident so I stayed with him in the hospital for a week.

P is for Phobia's: Spiders, snakes, giant bugs, scorpions, small spaces, heights, large open water…I’m sure there are more.

Q is for Quotes You Like: after the rain the rainbow

R is for Relationships lasted the longest: been with Jory going on 8 years, been married for almost 2 years.

S is for Siblings: 4 brothers: Jason, Shane, Colby and Christopher (Oldest to youngest)…also have steps on my dad’s side: Jody and Jason.

T is for Texas, Ever been there? Yes…Houston it was really HOT and really HUMID!

U is for Unique Trait: I can spit water, soda, milk (any fluid really) out of the hold in my lip!

V is for Vegetables you love: Green Beans, Potatoes, Corn, lettuce, beets

W is for Worst Traits: Biting my nails, vulgar language, addiction to reality tv.

X is for Xrays you've had: hand, arm, ankle, neck, spine and Dental

Y is for Yummy food you make: Mac n’ cheese (sometimes with brats), Hamburger Helper rice mix but with Chicken instead! Meatloaf, Ham & Swiss Spagetti, grilled cheese & tomato soup, pigs in a blanket, creps.

Z is for Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hack Hack

I've been suffering from Whooping Cough going on three weeks now, it's painful, irritating and exhausting. So exhausting, I don't want to write about it any longer. Nite.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Evidence of our Trip to Utah

I promised I would post pics from our trip to Utah when we closed on the sell of our house.

That's my mom. Like daughter, like mother....I take photos so she takes photos, not the other way around. Toph in the background. Posted by Picasa

My younger brother Christopher, looking a little hung over from the party we had the night before. Also a nice pic of Sage's ass! Posted by Picasa

My brother Shane looking ever so cute with his new short hair cut in my parent's backyard. Posted by Picasa

The first grandpuppy in the family, Sage. My brother Shane and his wife Jessie love Sage so much. Jory and I used to joke about how they treat her like a child, well now that we have Mazzy we understand! Posted by Picasa

The Fucking Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy. Mazzy's baby brother and crazy enough her uncle, because his mom is Mazzy's grandma. Posted by Picasa

This is Toby, he was temporarily a grandpuppy, but didn't end up getting along with his new family, especially his boxer sister, Sage. Toby is living a full and happy life with his new dad who lives down the road from Shane and Jessie in Star Valley, WY. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Scary Movie

Another bathroom story for you. Our department was one of the few that had to work today. You might think being the 4th of July we would have it off, but no.

Anyway, so it's 8:44 pm I'm waiting patiently for 9:00 to roll around so I can go home, but I really have to pee! Can't hold it any longer, so I decide to go. On my way to the bathroom I realize how empty the building is and we really are the last three people here, other than the security guard (who is a hip chick that spends most of her nights outside).

I walked into the restroom and thought that it was kind of creepy because it's big and empty and it's late. But I'm probably just being a pussy because Jory and I watched "Saw" this morning so I've got the jeeper creepers. It was a fleeting thought and I went about my business, closed the door on my "usual" stall.

Just as I sat down, I heard a noise. I thought maybe someone else was in the room. But remembered that when I walked in, the room was empty. I did my usual inventory, the stalls were empty! Because I had taken some cold medicine earlier I assume I'm just hearing things and finish up.

While washing my hands I scan the stalls in the mirror like I normally do and see boots in the stall closest to the door. As I dry my hands, I realize that I saw boots, man-boots in the stall...someone else is in here? I'm walking towards the door and before I drop my towel in the garbage, I do the "lean over" to really see if I saw what I thought I had seen. MAN-BOOTS! HOLY SHIT, MAN-BOOTS! But the stall door isn't shut and locked, it's part way open, but not open enough that I can see who is sitting in the stall.....I'm walking out the door and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up, goose bumps cover my arms and I'm practically shivering from the chills when I really, REALLY realize that I just saw MAN BOOTS in the last stall! Not only did I see MAN BOOTS, but the stall door was partially open! I walk very fast back to my desk not looking behind me because I'm starting to freak myself out and when I get back to my desk, I stand there and stare at Mark not able to spit the words out.

A minute passes and Mark turns off his fan and looks at me, still standing there just staring at him. He asked me what was wrong, so I recount the story and he's speechless but then sort of laughs it off and says it's up to you but you might want to go tell the security guard.

I'm thinking, did this just really happen? Did I just freak myself out or did I really see MAN BOOTS in the last stall closest to the door with it's door partly open. Needing a few minutes to think this through, I sit down and breath....... in and out, in and out.

That really did happen, what is the hip security guard going to do?
Was it the hip security guard in the bathroom? If so, why was the door partly open?
Why didn't I see her or hear her when I went in?
She chats with me all the time, why didn't she say something if it was her?
It couldn't have been her. HOLY SHIT!
By this time it's 9:00 pm and I'm going home. I decide that I will tell the security guard on my way out.

I gather my things and head out to the lobby and the security guard isn't there. Just my luck! Oh well, I'll tell her tomorrow no big deal.

I stop at the front doors and scan the parking lot for anyone dressed up like the "Scary Movie" killer and begin to walk slowly to my car. I get to the curb and from the car to my left, the voice of the hip security guard wishes me a good night. I see movement in the car but can't really see her, so I say good night and went straight to my car. I thought about pulling up next to her car and asking her about man boots, but I just wanted to get home, so I left.

Note to self, add Mace to grocery list!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Is it just me?

As I walked into the ladies room today at work, I wondered as I continued to walk to the far end of the stalls and entered my "usual" stall, 2nd from the far wall, if everyone has a "usual" stall. Not only do I have my "usual" stall, I also go to the same stall when I'm out shopping or at a restaurant. But it's not the 2nd from the far wall, it's the farthest stall from the door. This only changes when there is a line and I have to go in the stall that is available when it's my turn to go.

In gas stations, it's a little different, you don't have a long row of stalls, you hope there is just the one so you can have the bathroom all to yourself. However most of the time there are two to three stalls and they are located across from the sinks. You have to make a quick decision which stall is best not to be stared at in the mirror by rude staring bitches while they wash their hands.

The reason I go to the far end or pick the most private stall is not because of those rude staring bitches because I really don't think they all stare, just those few who've I've busted in the act! But because I have a bashful blatter and there is no way I'm going to be able to pee sitting close to the door, that's too much pressure. Plus, if you haven't notice you will now because you've read it here...that most (rude staring) women wash their hands in the sink closest to the door.
The better to stare at you while you're sitting there begging your blatter to Please Just Go Pee!

I won't even start about public pooping!

Day 3, not one nicifit...couldn't possibly be this easy? All you have to do is be sure you want to quit? I expected to be sick or pissy or something. I haven't felt one physical crave but imagined many times, how nice it would be to have one more! Not even one more, but like one a night, like someone has a glass of wine a night, I would like to have one smoke a night. I even thought, what's the point in quitting before I have health insurance, because one of the reasons I'm quitting is to get pregnant and you know the whole "health" part. I'm still hoping Jory will cave in and ask me to buy a pack. Who by the way is moody, trying to stay out of his way as much as possible. Can't wait until he's back to normal. Don't know if it's because he was sick again the other night or because of this? Probably a mixure of both. Either way, I'm trying not to become the target of his temper. I think being so concerned with him has made this easier for me. I haven't had time to think about it because I'm constantly trying NOT to do anything that might piss him off.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 Posted by Picasa


I've spent all day watching Live8, Jory and I were talking last night about how these are free concerts. They aren't raising money they are raising awareness. Which is totally a good thing, we understand, we dig. It's a good idea, but don't you think that you could charge even one dollar per ticket and you could not only raise awareness but send Africa over One Million dollars just from Philly's attendees? You can only imagine how much money could have been raised by charging a dollar or euro respectively from each concert attendee in each city.

Now I can only assume that everyone that was lucky enough to go to one of these concerts probably bought a T-shirt, poster, sticker, or the much wanted "ONE" wrist band, so there is some money being raised at the concerts. I've been trying to place my order on the site all day and the server's down. Meaning everyone else that wasn't able to go to a concert is trying to get on the site to order a band as well. Well 30 minutes of persistant attempts later.....My T-shirt and bands are on their way! Please allow 10-15 days for delivery. Purchases made, "ONE" banner added to blog...I've done my part.

Day 2 and still going strong! I imagine this is how I will feel everday for the rest of my life.

Donate for My Kindness Project to Honor Jack!