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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Is it just me?

As I walked into the ladies room today at work, I wondered as I continued to walk to the far end of the stalls and entered my "usual" stall, 2nd from the far wall, if everyone has a "usual" stall. Not only do I have my "usual" stall, I also go to the same stall when I'm out shopping or at a restaurant. But it's not the 2nd from the far wall, it's the farthest stall from the door. This only changes when there is a line and I have to go in the stall that is available when it's my turn to go.

In gas stations, it's a little different, you don't have a long row of stalls, you hope there is just the one so you can have the bathroom all to yourself. However most of the time there are two to three stalls and they are located across from the sinks. You have to make a quick decision which stall is best not to be stared at in the mirror by rude staring bitches while they wash their hands.

The reason I go to the far end or pick the most private stall is not because of those rude staring bitches because I really don't think they all stare, just those few who've I've busted in the act! But because I have a bashful blatter and there is no way I'm going to be able to pee sitting close to the door, that's too much pressure. Plus, if you haven't notice you will now because you've read it here...that most (rude staring) women wash their hands in the sink closest to the door.
The better to stare at you while you're sitting there begging your blatter to Please Just Go Pee!

I won't even start about public pooping!

Day 3, not one nicifit...couldn't possibly be this easy? All you have to do is be sure you want to quit? I expected to be sick or pissy or something. I haven't felt one physical crave but imagined many times, how nice it would be to have one more! Not even one more, but like one a night, like someone has a glass of wine a night, I would like to have one smoke a night. I even thought, what's the point in quitting before I have health insurance, because one of the reasons I'm quitting is to get pregnant and you know the whole "health" part. I'm still hoping Jory will cave in and ask me to buy a pack. Who by the way is moody, trying to stay out of his way as much as possible. Can't wait until he's back to normal. Don't know if it's because he was sick again the other night or because of this? Probably a mixure of both. Either way, I'm trying not to become the target of his temper. I think being so concerned with him has made this easier for me. I haven't had time to think about it because I'm constantly trying NOT to do anything that might piss him off.

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Jory said...

Just haven't been feeling good due to the "pains" as they will here to forth be known. A smoke would be nice after a night of the pains.

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