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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

My usual Monday morning started the same as every other Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday morning.
Cell phone alarm goes off at 10:30 am, snooze.
10:40 am...Snooze.
10:50 am...SNOOZE!
11:00 am...Five more minutes.
11:10 am OH SHIT I'm going to be late!
Jump in the shower, get dressed, run out the door, jump in car, start car....Start Car......Start the fucking Car. Why the fuck isn't my car STARTING???? Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. I assume the 116 degree weather has melted my car so I try again, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. OH FUCK!

I walk over to our patio, "shit, shit, shit, shit" toss pebbles at the sliding glass door to get Jory's attention, he opens the door and I tell him I forgot my cell phone (which I realized when I went to call Jory from the car, to tell him the car wouldn't start because that would be easier than walking across the parking lot to our patio, laziness at it's best!) and that I have some bad news. The car won't start. I tell him it's making the Clickity Click Click Click Click Click sound and I know it's not out of gas.

Jory joins me out at the car, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. So I call my trusty younger brother Christopher who's been a mechanic since birth. Seriously the kid has been taking things apart and "mostly" putting them back together since he realized those things attached to his arms were hands and could hold stuff!

So I get him on the phone and tell him I'm going to put him on speaker and hold the phone to see if he can hear the sound my car is making when turning the key and he laughs but humors me. This isn't new to him, I call him anytime my car is making funny noises and ask him what the sound means. Last time it was my breaks and I called him probably 4 times to get him to listen to my breaks sqweeling (is that a word?) and he tried to convince me he couldn't hear it but trusted my description and demonstration of the sqweel and confirmed I needed new breaks. He was right, I had them replaced and no more sqweel.

So I'm holding the cell phone out the drivers door closest to the engine as possible and turning the key, Clickity Click Click Click Click Click. He heard it this time and said it's definitely my starter. Christopher assures us this is really easy to replace, meaning we might be able to handle it. Jory calls his dad and he says the same thing, should be real easy.

I call in a favor and get a ride to work. When I get to work, I ask Jeff who is a car nut, so I'm assuming he knows a thing or two and he also confirms this is really easy to replace and should only take an hour. However, if we are not able to do this he has hinted at the idea of coming over to help us this weekend.

After stressing about getting to and from the autopart store without a CAR, Jory and I decide we'll get up early, take a cab to Napa pick up the part I've ordered and cab it back home. We'll try and replace the starter and get me to some point.

These are the times in our life that I really miss our friend Todd. We used to live in the same apartment complex in West Valley, Utah "Wessssss' Siiiiiiiide" and anytime we had a car problem, question or concern we called Todd. Todd and Darby now currently reside in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Christopher was always our diagnoser (that's definitely not a word) until we moved to Nibley,UT and then he became our personal mechanic. This is the second time we've needed him to fix the car since we moved here. The breaks were the first.

This is worst part about having only ONE car, especially in a new city with no friends or family. Needless to say, my hunt to purchase a new Toyota Prius is back on!

We'll let you know how our Starter replacing goes another time. With pictures!
It's 4:29 am and we have to leave at 10 am...sleepy time.

Whooping cough update: Going on week four, occuring more often, more violent, harder to breath and causing worse headaches. I'll leave you with one word, mucus.


Jory said...

The word is squeal... Just thought I would let you know.

Joey Girl said...

Thanks babe! I can always count on your enormous brain "It's like an orange on a toothpick!" to help me out when my brain has pooped out.

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