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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Most Expensive Battery Replacment Ever!

Car is fixed.
Most expensive battery replacement every, $450! (new starter $200, new battery $60, rental car with gas and car wash $170, Pep Boys bill to replace two spark plugs and a tune up $100, minus $80 for returning old but pefectly working starter = $450.

Week 5 of Whooping Cough: Still coughing, even puking now. My back is killing me. I feel like I've been kicked in the back and ribs with steel toed boots. everyday. all day. makes me walk funny.

Day 26 of not smoking: Smoked four cigarettes today. I went 4 days without smoking, then Jory caved (have to make that point, it wasn't me this time) and I would have 1 or 2 at night after work for two weeks. Then the car broke and we went nuts and smoked almost like normal, but never at work. This week, I've been smoking between 3-4 at night. And really it's only because I already feel like shit, so why not enjoy myself when I can? It doesn't really seem to make a difference with my cough so I'm going to justify it.

The Toyota dealership has a few Prius' in stock, plan on checking them out on Friday. A few days ago Jory and I talked about how much it would be with insurance and were thinking it would be too expensive with only me working, but I think maybe I might still want one! So you all need to start donating to our cause, or Jory will need to get a job!


real tom said...

I'm surprised you haven't made him get a job already!

You're too nice...

maybe he could be an ice cream truck driver or something...

Donny said...

Don't ever go back to those cigarettes!

Jory said...

WOW! A real pornographer! And he has a funny picture! It looks like one you took of me once hunny!

Joey Girl said...

You're right Real Tom, I am too nice, but I definitely needed him home this last week! I'm not sure if he'd qualify to be an ice cream truck

Holy Shit a pornographer read my blog! Wonder what he searched under to have my blog come up? many people can say a pornographer read their blog?! Pretty kool!

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