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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Scary Movie

Another bathroom story for you. Our department was one of the few that had to work today. You might think being the 4th of July we would have it off, but no.

Anyway, so it's 8:44 pm I'm waiting patiently for 9:00 to roll around so I can go home, but I really have to pee! Can't hold it any longer, so I decide to go. On my way to the bathroom I realize how empty the building is and we really are the last three people here, other than the security guard (who is a hip chick that spends most of her nights outside).

I walked into the restroom and thought that it was kind of creepy because it's big and empty and it's late. But I'm probably just being a pussy because Jory and I watched "Saw" this morning so I've got the jeeper creepers. It was a fleeting thought and I went about my business, closed the door on my "usual" stall.

Just as I sat down, I heard a noise. I thought maybe someone else was in the room. But remembered that when I walked in, the room was empty. I did my usual inventory, the stalls were empty! Because I had taken some cold medicine earlier I assume I'm just hearing things and finish up.

While washing my hands I scan the stalls in the mirror like I normally do and see boots in the stall closest to the door. As I dry my hands, I realize that I saw boots, man-boots in the stall...someone else is in here? I'm walking towards the door and before I drop my towel in the garbage, I do the "lean over" to really see if I saw what I thought I had seen. MAN-BOOTS! HOLY SHIT, MAN-BOOTS! But the stall door isn't shut and locked, it's part way open, but not open enough that I can see who is sitting in the stall.....I'm walking out the door and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up, goose bumps cover my arms and I'm practically shivering from the chills when I really, REALLY realize that I just saw MAN BOOTS in the last stall! Not only did I see MAN BOOTS, but the stall door was partially open! I walk very fast back to my desk not looking behind me because I'm starting to freak myself out and when I get back to my desk, I stand there and stare at Mark not able to spit the words out.

A minute passes and Mark turns off his fan and looks at me, still standing there just staring at him. He asked me what was wrong, so I recount the story and he's speechless but then sort of laughs it off and says it's up to you but you might want to go tell the security guard.

I'm thinking, did this just really happen? Did I just freak myself out or did I really see MAN BOOTS in the last stall closest to the door with it's door partly open. Needing a few minutes to think this through, I sit down and breath....... in and out, in and out.

That really did happen, what is the hip security guard going to do?
Was it the hip security guard in the bathroom? If so, why was the door partly open?
Why didn't I see her or hear her when I went in?
She chats with me all the time, why didn't she say something if it was her?
It couldn't have been her. HOLY SHIT!
By this time it's 9:00 pm and I'm going home. I decide that I will tell the security guard on my way out.

I gather my things and head out to the lobby and the security guard isn't there. Just my luck! Oh well, I'll tell her tomorrow no big deal.

I stop at the front doors and scan the parking lot for anyone dressed up like the "Scary Movie" killer and begin to walk slowly to my car. I get to the curb and from the car to my left, the voice of the hip security guard wishes me a good night. I see movement in the car but can't really see her, so I say good night and went straight to my car. I thought about pulling up next to her car and asking her about man boots, but I just wanted to get home, so I left.

Note to self, add Mace to grocery list!

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