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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bada Bing!

This just in...Straight from the Soprano's Newsletter:

Chase will produce some more Sopranos.

Saying he was "obviously delighted," HBO chairman Chris Albrecht announced on Thursday that the network will produce eight bonus episodes for The Sopranos' upcoming sixth season. The new episodes, which are slated to debut in January 2007, will follow the previously announced 12 episodes, which begin in March 2006.
"When something is as remarkable as The Sopranos, our audience would like to see it continue as long as possible," Albrecht said. "So we're thrilled that David Chase felt that there are more stories to be told."
Brad Grey, executive producer of the series added that the show had "continued to grow and evolve" with every season. "We're all looking forward to spending more time with The Sopranos," he said.


Mr. E Mann said...

That's one show I miss seeing now that all we really watch is PBS, a few shows on stinking FOX like 70's show, and my Bronco games! Good thing for DVD's, (once we get a new one from the damn robbery!) I'll have to catch up one of these days.

Mr. E Mann said...

And I also wanted to make sure you know not to take offense at my Post 2. It's meant to be my usual ranting style but in hopes of provoking thought, not offense and not in any response to you personally enjoying your t.v.. Love ya. ; )

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