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Friday, August 19, 2005

BJ's and Legos

Legoland version of Seaside Village Old Town San Diego, CA
Tonight night we went to BJ's Brewery for dinner with Jory's aunt Gail and cousin Brynn, who's going to school here. The food was delicious, but it better be when you have to wait over an hour for it! Conversation was good. I really like Gail (sorry if I'm spelling her name wrong) and her husband Bob, we stayed at their house in Bonsal, CA this past May. They were very hospitable, they let us bring Mazzy and didn't make us sleep outside with the ceyotes, we had a fabulous time! I had met them once before back in January at Jory's uncle Chip's funeral, but we were there for such a short time it didn't really allow anything but first impressions. For the record, I thought they were kool, even though they're Republican. =)

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