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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Days of our Harland Lives. The Idea hits.

It's really hard not to write about work, definitely not interested in getting dooced. So I'm sitting here thinking about my old co-workers who I miss dearly and realize, I can write my heart out about Harland! I can't be fired from a place I don't work anymore, and there is no end to the drama that happened and continues to happen at John H. Harland Company. My good friend Sarah who is a Work Force Analyst at the big H and I joked about keeping a journal about all the call center drama and maybe one day publish it. I never did journal it but my brain is fresh full of memories and when I can't think about anything else to write, I think I'll write about it here. Wait, no I think I'll create a new blog just for Harland...yeah that's what I'll do and then I spread the word quietly and sneakily to those that still work there and see what kind of fun it creates!

Speaking of Sarah, here is a picture of her desk on her Birthday. We really liked to let each other know how much we loved them by "decorating" their desk!
Yes that is mini confetti and industrial plastic wrap, a great benefit of working in the same building as one of our printing facilities.

I'm off to set up my Harland Blog, come back later for the Introduction and first episode.

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