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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fuck it, it wasn't meant to be

I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours pouring out my guts to the world for nothing. Serves me right trying to share my inner most thoughts and feelings. Blogger times you out after so long and I KNOW this. If you spend a fair amount of time writing you have to save your blog but do I forget to do this when I'm writing about nothing? No. Only when I've sat down and spent several hours pouring my heart and soul out. So fuck it, it wasn't meant to be, I wasn't supposed to be blatantly honest with all of you. It is meant to stay in my head forever.

Here's a quick non heart felt update on my cough and the muscles that won't heal in my back. We're in week 9 of the cough, less choking and more spitting up mucus. When I think my back is close to being better, I have a long night of coughing and starts all over the next day.
Still not smoking very much but yes, still smoking. And I don't want to hear it from anyone!

Getting ready for our trip to Arcata, CA next Monday. Can't wait for the vacation and I'm really excited to see Shane and Jessie and our friends! It should be a grand time.


tom said...

You guys are going to Arcata on Monday? Isn't the wedding not until Friday? We won't be getting to Arcata until Thursday. How long are you guys planning on staying? We are going back to Zion on Labor Day...

ps. Hope you're feeling better.. I still think Jory should be an ice cream truck driver. You've seen "Friday" before, haven't you?

Mr. E Mann said...

Sorry to not get to read your original post. Timeouts drive me nuts! Every time I hear stupid AOL ding and ask me if I still want to be online it makes me want to reach through the computer and kill the programmers! (and the big-wigs just for fun!)

Glad to hear you're not smoking too much these days, but I wish it wasn't because of being sick! You gotta start getting better soon or you'll be tipping back the Vodka bottle for pain medicine! ; )

I think it will just be
Tom and the UT guys that will be staying Sunday night. Shane and Jessie are coming earlier in the week too, I believe. Most people will just be here Thursday through Saturday, so that way we get more quality time with our best friends before and after! We can't wait, but at least time is flying with so much to do to get ready.

Don't they have a sperm bank or three in Phoenix! Next time you and Jory are out and about, you should just pull up to one and tell him to go to work!

Joey Girl said...

Tom: the plan is to leave Monday at 1:30 PST, drive as far as we can. We may be headed to Lake Tahoe to stay in our family's condo for a night with Shane & Jessie then up and over to Arcata on Wednesday I think. If the condo thing doesn't happen I think we are going to drive up thru the Redwoods to Arcata stopping to camp somewhere possibly. We'll let you know when we know for sure.

I have seen "Friday" before and I do think Jory would make a Fabulous ice cream truck driver! =)

Eric: You never know I may break down and write it all over again.

I already plan on tipping back a bottle of something next week. I haven't had a drink since May in San Diego. Looking forward to drink irresponsibly!

I can't have Jory selling his sperm when I need it! Plus I would be VERY jealous if I saw someone else running around with a lil' baby Jory.

Mr. E Mann said...

I still recount the story to Athena (with a laugh and a smiling shudder of astonishment) about the Vodka bottle. If memory serves it was the first(maybe second) time I met Jory and he came to Logan. (There's a Jory's Story there!) Crazy old days! ; )

One day we looked in the phone book to see if there were any sperm banks near, but alas, there are none closer than San Francisco. Now I can't be paid for spreading my rebelious seed throughout the land. Yeah, it's probably a good thing.

Over the years Athena and I have always had our fingers crossed for you and a Jory baby. We have always thought you two would be GREAT parents! Just look at how loved Mazzy is! We can barely keep up with Mat's baby book and Mazzy has her own blog. : )

Joey Girl said...

Tipping the Vodka is a great story for Jory's Stories! LOL

I'm positive one of these years we'll be lucky enough to have a Baby Johnson of our own, whether that be thru my loins or adoption. Hopefully not to many years from now! That's really why Jory needs to get a job when we get back from your wedding, so we can save up to afford fertility treatments or adoption. And a 2nd car and a house and more video games to keep Jory sane while he prepares for all the POOP that will come into our lives!

Mr. E Mann said...

That's great to hear! We'll have to get Jory in gear.
I talked to Shane today, and he says he thinks they are coming in Tuesday. Then they're gonna hit Tahoe on the way home.
Under a week and a lot of you will be on your way here. It's like X-mas. We can't wait!

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