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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Kaysar in 2008!

It's Big Brother 6 time and I have Jory hooked this year. I've watched BB since the first season and have loved and hated each season. This year is a good one, but that wasn't my first impression. As per tradition I missed the first episode, so when I sat down to watch the second I was disappointed that CBS has gone all MTV on our asses and eliminated all the real people. You know, the old folks, the rainbow colored hair character and the chubby guy or gal. This season they are all thin, fit and down right built (Howie) and don't forget all the boobies! However this season redeemed it self with Kaysar. He truly is King Kaysar. Yes, even kings make mistakes like showing all his cards when he was HOH. If there were anyone in BB history that played the game like I would have, it would be Kaysar, minus the cards. Unfortunately after Kaysar turned the game upside down, which was SO much fun to watch and SO needed to be done in order to make this season worth watching, his "group" failed to win the next HOH which gave the "friendship" coined by Maggie back the power and Kaysar ended up being evicted.

Now the excitement isn't necessarily gone because as Julie Chen has said, this is the "Summer of Secrets". With perfect timing, BB has thrown in America's Choice Vote to bring back an evicted houseguest which means WE decide which evicted houseguest get's to return to the BB house. There are only three houseguest to vote for, Michael who was CrAzY, Eric the midget, and King Kaysar.

So regardless if you care about the BB or CBS, do me a favor and go here and VOTE for KAYSAR to return the BB house so I can enjoy wasting more time watching Reality TV (especially while my back is hurt, I have to watch something in between all the books I'm reading...LOL).


Robby said...

Even though I have never seen Big Brother, and probably never will, I voted for Kaysar for you, Joey. I hope your back feels better soon.

Joey Girl said...

Thanks Robby! Just know that you are contributing to my entertainment and I appreciate that because there are very few things you can do sitting on the couch. My back is getting better slowly but surely. Today was actually a better day as far as back pain goes. I was able to do the dishes and I'm sure Jory appreciated that since he's been doing everything alone. I also baked cookies for him tonight. He's such a good wife.

Good to know I also have someone who reads my blog other than Jory.

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