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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kaysar, Return of the King (cross your fingers!)

It's my friday and the night Kaysar returns the Big Brother house, I hope!

I never wrote about what a bad move Howie made last Saturday, he put up James and Sarah. You can't get rid of people in your group until you have the majority. He should have put up Yvette and Beau and then if one of them won the veto, put up Maggie and get rid of her. If neither won the veto, get rid of Yvette. But no, he was stupid and so was Rachel for letting him do that. They not only screwed themselves, they screwed Janelle which pisses me off! Howie made a deal with Maggie that if he put up James and Sarah, he and Rachel would be safe for two weeks. Knowing that there is the teenie tiniest possibility that Eric could be coming back, Howie should have known this was not the time to get rid of James. Realizing that he had screwed up, you'd think that Howie and even Rachel would do everything in their power to not let James get the veto, right? Ironically Yvette was the smartest player when it came to the Veto competition.

Let me set the game up for you, all 6 players had pinatas with a hole in the back and each person had 10 pieces of candy they had to divide between at least two of the six houseguests. The person with the most candy, not going over 20 pieces would win the veto. They sequester each player and then one at a time they go out back and put their candy in the pinatas. So if there is someone you don't want to win, you put all but one piece in their pinata and put the 10th piece in your pinata.

Each one of them came out and immediate go to put 9 pieces in James' pinata then stop and think, "What is everyone else going to do? What if they don't put all their pieces in James' pinata? (WHY WOULDN'T THEY? YOU DUMB FUCKERS! I yell at the TV. GOD! Don't you all watch BB before you apply to be on the show? Haven't you seen every season make the same mistake so you know not to? I pause the show to rant.) This game is played every season and every season they fuck it up! Then like the retards they are they go and divy them up
A. between everyone
B. half to James, half to Sarah
C. half in Howie, half in Rachel or the correct answer
D. 9 to James and 1 to self.
Yvette was the ONLY person who gave James 9 and 1 to herself. YVETTE! The MOST retarded of all the players is the only one who played it correctly! So yeah, shocked faces when James won the veto. Stupid fuckers.

However, Yvette opened the door to change the game again because she was playing chess with James and everyone else has completely stopped talking to James and Sarah so now she's thought of as being his aly. This pisses off April and she and her partner Jennifer go to Howie and Janelle about possibly putting up Yvette as the "pawn" and then voting her out! What a brilliant idea! The house has already decided that it doesn't matter who Howie puts up in James' place, they plann(ed) on voting Sarah out. April and Yvette both volunteered to be put up, so it wouldn't be so weird for Howie to put up Yvette. So after much stress and nail biting the veto meeting starts and Howie does the smartest thing so far, he puts up Yvette. She was a tiny bit suprised because it was really supposed to be April but she had volunteered too so no big deal.

Now the window is open. We know James will vote out Yvette. As long as April stays pissed and doesn't talk to Maggie (we can also assume whatever April does, Jennnifer does), she'll vote out Yvette with Howie, Rachel and Janelle and the game will be back on! Kaysar will return and start throwing out the fucking "friendship".

I didn't mean to blog about BB today, that wasn't my intension but it's what came out so deal.

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