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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lord of the Fuckheads

Photographer: Joey J Model: Jory J

82% of the vote and I was worried? America choose Kaysar to return to the BB house, thank the 5 million who voted! Spoiler alert, don't read on if you don't want to know what I'm about to tell you. For those of you not interested in reading about BB skip to the next paragraph.
SPOILER starts here: Kaysar made a deal with Jennifer for HOH, if she agreed to put up two of her own as pawns and backdoor James then he would let Jen win HOH. She agreed and he gave it to her. nominations came and she WENT BACK on her promise and put up Janelle and Rachel instead of Yvette and Beau. What a BITCH! Are we surprised? No. Fuck her. After all the upset, Kaysar went and talked to her to find out what the fuck she was thinking. Jen told him she couldn't possibly put up two of her own, but she is planning on back-dooring James as promised. She's not as innocent and stupid as she has portrayed herself the last month. Janelle actually called her a cunt, Jory and I laughed it up.

Don't you love the word cunt? Say it now, cunt. It's so vulgar, it's the strongest of all vulgar words and so much fun to use. But we all save it for those who really deserve it, don't we? I can think of two of them now. Marny "Horseface" Stevens and Lisa Nielsen.

Haven't done much this weekend, we moved the computer into the dinning/living room. We got tired of sweating our guts out in the computer room. The only downside is having to wear headphones when I'm watching recorded TV or BB live feed when Jory's playing video games in the same room. I don't HAVE to wear headphones but otherwise I can't hear it. I didn't think I would mind wearing them either but when I take them off and talk, my hearing is all fucked up.

Alright bitches, have a good night.

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