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Friday, August 12, 2005

Monsoon Madness

For those of you wondering what Monsoon season is all about in Arizona, here is a picture of our real first Monsoon rainstorm. There's nothing better than a crazy-ass rain storm in the middle of a hot day!


Mr. E Mann said...

Reminds me of the storms on the way to get Julie from Lompoc! ; ) Don't get washed away!

Joey Girl said...

That was El Nino, I remember that! That was definitely an unforgettable trip. Getting stranded in Ojay, CA. Who else can say they drove all the way to Lompoc, CA through El Nino, to rescue their 18 yr old friend who was being held captive by her sister? No one can, cause that shit only happens to us! You're a....BUTTHOLE!

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