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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When my Knight in Shinning Armor comes to pick my Doped Ass up from work!

I'm Alive!
Today is my first day back to work since last Wednesday. That night at work, I coughed so hard I heard a pop in my back and it threw me to my knees. I only had 15 minutes left of work, so I stayed and somehow drove home in tears, I don't think I got over 25 mph.
Because we don't have health insurance right now, I didn't want to go to the emergency room and Jory happened to have some Lortab left over from his surgery so I took those to make it through the night.

Jory took me to Urgent Care Thursday morning, told the doctor I've had a cough for 5 weeks and from what I've read on the internet I knew I had whooping cough. When the doctor was examing my back he touched the "spot" and I colapsed from the pain. The doctor ordered xrays, said he thought I might have broke a rib when I coughed, but the xrays came back clear. The doctor said I tore some muscles in my back and prescribed me Percocet and codeine cough medicine to keep me knocked out for a few days. But didn't prescribe me antibiotics! Told me to come back in three days if I didn't improve. Went home and drugged up for three days. Read Jory's blog for all the stuff I've left out.

All I remember of those three days is excruciating pain, waking up to stuff my face with english muffins/bagels/or toast and jam so I could take more drugs and go back to sleep. When I felt fucked up enough I would stay awake until I coughed and The Pain would return in which I immediately wanted to go back to sleep.

My sweet sweet husband Jory took care of me like no one could! He was so worried about me and so sweet, always making sure I was ok even when I was peeing. It's amazing how long it takes you to pee when you are F'd up. I would be in there so long he would come check on me.
I could never thank him enough for being my "doctor/nurse/husband/ wife/cook/cleaner/crutch/pillow arranger/movie renter/water filler upper/food shopper/prescription getter/driver/Mazzy poop and pee picker upper/pet feeder/my everythinger".
He even washed my hair! He offered to help me shower or give me a sponge bath ;) but I knew I wasn't going to be able to spend much more time in the tub then needed to wash my hair.
I feel bad he had to do EVERYTHING this past week! I guess it was a good thing he doesn't have a job yet...I really needed him and he was SO there for me! I love you Jory Dan Johnson, there is no one in the world that even compares to you!

Sunday afternoon Jory drove me back to Urgent Care and I saw a different doctor who immediately assumed I was a drug addict and was completely worthless. I had to tell him the whole story again even though it was right there in my file. After I told him the story, he asked me again what I wanted him to do and I told him the pain is unbearable and I needed more pain pills and I would like an antibiotic for my cough so it will go away and not just be supressed. He asked me if I was a smoker and I told him up until 30 days ago I was (give or take a few cigarettes). He hesitantly agreed to listen to my lungs and asked me to breath in and of course out came a cough and whoop to follow. I doubled over in pain and almost fell off the exam table with no help from him. He immediately said I did indeed have whooping cough and he would prescribe me Zithromax and more pain pills.

I left the doctors office with antibiotics, not Zithromax though, Biaxin XL Clarithromycin extended release tablets 500 mg, two pills one time daily for eight days. Prescript for Lortab take one every 12 hours (down from every 3 hours! OUCH!) And prescript for a steriod (don't have info with me now) to help my muscles heal faster I think? And a doctors note excusing me from work from last Thursday to yesterday! So I'm supposed to go to work all drugged up?!?!

I've been lucky today, except for being two hours late because I was so doped up. Jory drove me to work and I had a conference call training for the first hour I was here. After the training I didn't get a call before my lunch, so I went to lunch took my pillow and sandwich and antibiotics into the heath room. Ate and took my pills and layed down for 45 minutes. Jory called to wake me up and remind me to go back to work and here I am finishing up my story.

Got a call, dead air call thank god! My back is already starting to ache and I still feel fairly dopey, don't know how that works? I hope this message isn't too goobled or garbled...I am on narcotics after all. We'll see how the rest of the night goes. Can't wait for 8 PM when I can take more drugs and of course 9 PM when my Knight in Shinning Armor comes to pick my doped ass up from work!

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