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Friday, September 16, 2005

No Jory, I'm not trying to kill you!

Not a lot has been happening around here lately other than Jory's mysterious hernia pain and I've been experiencing some serious fatigue. This of course is one of the many draw backs of having PCOS. Those of you that have read by blog from the beginning know that I have shared with the world that I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I'm also Insulin Resistant, Bipolar and have Hyperthyroidism. All these combined with my healthy diet of Mt. Dew and cigarettes have caused me to currently be fat and infertile. Most recently I have been "outed" for being the biggest RENOB on the planet for missing the deadline to sign up for health insurance with my company this past May. No Jory, I'm not trying to kill you! You know how shitty I felt that night, there were tears. If there was anyone on this planet that needed health insurance, it was ME! After being diagnosed in September 2001, I had been taking a daily regime of 20 or more pills. I had lost about 60 lbs and we decided it was time for fertility treatments. Six unsuccessful months later I quit my job which meant no more insurance and after my last month of fertility drugs which did nothing but make me fat, we bought a house and moved to Nibley. Warning GIRL TALK forthcoming. My period and any chance of ovulating immediately disappeared as it had before I was diagnosed two years earlier.
Over a year later, without my medication, my metabolism dropped to a sleepy crawl and all the symptoms came back one by one, full throttle. 2nd Warning GIRL TALK forthcoming. Oddly enough on our trip to Humboldt my period arrived unannounced but very welcomed. Who knows what this means.

Week 16 of the Whoop, I think? It's been so long I'm loosing count. I wonder what the record length is, not that I really want the award. I'm sure if the smoking habit was completely annihilated the cough would go too.

Jory's doctor appointment is Monday, we'll let you know how he's doing after they pull the alien from his belly.


Jory said...

I was just giving you shit...Sorry that I made you feel bad, I know you aren't really trying to kill me, it's just fun to say "Joey is trying to kill me." Sorry, I will quit.

Joey Girl said...

Ooh Hunny, you're a Beefcake!

Don't forget to drink you fiber before bed, I made it especially for you! wink wink

Jory said...

God damn it! I knew it! You ARE trying to kill me!

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