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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tattoo Solicitation

For our 8th Anniversary, I decided I wanted another tattoo. I wanted to get it done on our trip to California, but we didn't have enough time and I didn't really know what I wanted. I want it on my ring finger and I want either Jory, JDJ, J or Jory Dan weaved into a band all the way around. But I don't just want the letters J O R Y etc.. to be tattooed, I want it to look like a design or at the very least in a Celtic/tribal/design-like font. Before the comments flood in, I'm not superstitious, so keep your negativity to yourself.

This is my solicitation for help on finding the right tattoo. I want someone I know that can DRAW to sketch me up some ideas because I want it to be original. So pick up your pencils and pens and draw me something! If I don't find something I like with his name or initials, I've come up with another idea. I'm not sure how feasible it is though. (See the picture above)

We didn't do traditional wedding rings, I found our rings at my favorite store, "The Dancing Cranes" in SLC. They were made by local artists and cost me a whopping $13 a piece. They are puzzle rings of a man and a woman intertwined. Tell me what you think.


Mr. E Mann said...

Tom is the only person whose name comes to mind. Just as long as you get your drawing from him before he moves and loses it...hahaha!
I had him draw me up a libra-scale tattoo one time. It was pretty good, but I wanted him to change a few things, so I gave it back. Then he moved and it got lost. That was years ago and I still haven't gotten a tattoo. Maybe one day. ;)
Good luck on yours!

tom said...


Joey, i could give it a whirl....

Joey Girl said...

Start whirlin' then...I'm excited already Tom!

tom said...

do you know what size ring you wear? You need to measure the circumference of your finger so i will know what i'm working with. also, how wide do you want it?

Joey Girl said...

I don't know what size, so I used measuring tape. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but all the way around is 2 1/2 inches. Apparently I have fat fingers! The viewible top side of my finger is 1/16" or the line just past 3/4". So now you have the measurements for a band all the way around or a design on top with his name or initials.
Thanks Tom!

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