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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who does that?

When I first started my job, I immediately noticed all the birds in the big tree right outside the main doors. The chirping was relaxing and reminding me of walking through Willow Park as a child. Not too long had passed when I realized how LOUD these birds could be. Trying to talk on the phone outside became a challenge. The person on the other end would ask where I was because it sounded like a rain forest. This was nothing compared to the planes flying over Discover Card, that was LOUD!

I was just outside taking a little "oxygen" break and I think the birds were in the middle of a Gang War. It was so loud, I YELLED at the birds to shut up. Who does that? Who yells at birds? Apparently I do and it was a little embarrassing when I turned around to find some guy walking up the sidewalk.


Mr. E Mann said...

Hahaha. ;)
You better be careful! Haven't you seen any of the horror movies about attacking birds!?! :)

Athena said...

OK Eric, I know what youre hinting at.. I would have a huge problem with this work environment. I strongly dislike birds and they know it cuz they attack me- seriously, ever since I was a young kid I've been randomly attacked by birds. A month or 2 ago at Safeway, I was minding my own business buckling Mat in his car seat and a bird flies down and pecks me on the head! Maybe I should try yelling at them ;)

Joey's Mom said...

You had better watch out now, they might try to poop on your head if they get a chance. Oh well-SHIT HAPPENS!

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