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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

16 Children!

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar just welcomed their 16th child yesterday! SIXTEENTH! All I want is one and if I can be selfish two would be perfect. I watched a documentary on the Duggar family close to a year ago. They had just started building their 7,000 sq ft baby warehouse, and she gave birth to Jackson Levi their 15th child during the last 30 minutes of the show. They drive a "Mormon Limo" or to non Utahrds, a huge ass cargo vans with seating for 14. Not too worry they also have a full size shuttle BUS for the whole family to travel together.

My point: It's just not fair!


Mr. E Mann said...

Having 16 kids in a world that is going to have to face facts about population sooner or later, and where there are people who would make great parents (like you two) who can't, or have trouble having one of their own, is insane.

As always, Athena and I are pulling for you two to get the chance of at least one kid, if not two! (We think 2 is ideal as well).
Of course, you'll have to keep Jory from keeping one of the kids locked away and convincing it that it isn't real! LoL

Athena said...

Every time I hear about things like this news story or people trying to have kids I think of you guys and I think it isnt fair too! You guys would be wonderful parents!!! I think you guys have alot of people rooting for you!

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