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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Conversation with Technical Support

When you call Technical Support on Sundays this is what happens behind the scenes. Real names have been changed to protect the innocent.

MacMan: LOL......... Jesus called and said he has been getting wierd e-mails lately and wanted to have his mail file scanned for viruses. I told him we signed him up for the mailing list...........

ChandlerBing: his mail file 'scanned'?
ChandlerBing: omg

MacMan: Jesus.nsf :o)

ChandlerBing: not sure how he's making a connection between a file on the mail server and getting spam.
ChandlerBing: but whatever.
ChandlerBing: ;)

RockStar: Jesus Lopez - Superstar
RockStar: "who are you, what do you think you are?" EVERYBODY HELP ME WITH THE CHORUS!!!

ChandlerBing: didn't you get the memo that people in support dont work on the weekends now?

RockStar: then what the hell are WE doing here.

ChandlerBing: exactly

RockStar: i've got dogs to walk, beer to drink, hell to raise, and women to f....follow.

ChandlerBing: lol

RockStar: god help me, this subway "i cahn't put in mah order" and i said, "do you see at the top of your page - file-edit..." and she said "am ah supposet to be at mah computer?"

ChandlerBing: lol

MacMan: I wonder if she knows what a BMT is..............
MacMan: CTRL + ALT + Delete User.................

RockStar: the phone is at one end, and the computer is at the other, so i said "go to view orders" and she said "hol' on"...she's actually listening to my instructions, going to the computer, looking, coming back to the phone, telling me the answer, then going back

MacMan: ... the human carrier signal.
MacMan: They call her "Pace"

RockStar: we need a lightbulb: customer question: "did you get my order?" (did you get a confirmation?) "si." (your order is in the system)

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