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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Heat is On!

Poor little Mazzy Star is in heat! I feel like a horrible mother for not getting her spayed in time. Jory did bring up a good point though, unless there is a medical reason to get her spayed, what's the point? She's an indoor dog, she's always with us and it's only twice a year that we'll have to deal with it. Last night I read that toy breeds don't bleed much, if at all. So far Mazzy is keeping herself clean other than two tiny wet drops we found. I might still go buy her a diaper and some liners just in case, mainly because I think she'll look cute!

We're also trying out a new technique to get her to stop barking and so far Jory says it's working (he started using it today). You put 9 pennies in a soda can and shake it and tell her no when she barks. A friend from work told me about this technique she learned from Petco when she paid for puppy training. We'll let you know how it goes.


Regina said...

I say get her fixed!! No one needs a horny, bleeding fluff ball running around! No matter how cute she is! :)

I see you checked out my pics. I did notice you labeled most of the Charlie photos as Eli. That's what I get for not labeling them!

Joey Girl said...

All we've been talking about at our house this week is Mazzy's bloody vagina! Last night I got a strawberry shake from McDonalds and Jory had to call it a bloody vagina shake!

LOL Regina...I was trying to label them from memory. I hope you commented so I could fix them. Did I do fairly well for not seeing them in forEVER?

Mr. E Mann said...

Hahaha! You two and your dog! It makes me laugh. :)

I do think Jory is crazy, though for thinking this would be a fun thing to do twice a year. Tell him it's got to be a tampon and he's got to take care of it. ;)

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