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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Week 16, yeah that's FOUR MONTHS!

Still coughing but it's changed. It's not so much choking, gasping for air cough. It's more of a reflex cough with the occasional vomit gag and choking up a mucusy loogie. Those of you that know me understand that I dry heave at the mere sound of anyone coughing up a loogie, pretend or real. So you must understand that I'm killing myself gagging when this happens.

I know, I know if I would just stop smoking this would probably be gone by now. I'm not stupid, just an addict.

1 comment:

Mr. E Mann said...

That's crazy! I've had some killer coughs (both in intensity and longevity) but not that long!
Keep getting better, and keep trying on the not smoking. ;) Athena and I are sending you good vibes to help with both.
I tried to make more comments the last time I was online, but I only got through with my b-day post before your blog wouldn't display correctly. I checked back a few times that night, but it would only pull up with half the stuff there and no commenting...
Glad to see it's back to normal. :)

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