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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bashful Bladder Syndrome or BBS

Sometimes I space off when I'm peeing. Honestly I have spaced off for so long that I'm not sure whether I have actually peed yet so I have to check. I know I'll never live this down.

I suffer from Bashful Bladder Syndrome or BBS, if there are other people in the restroom I have to space off or block out everyone else just so I can relax and pee. I blame my mother, she passed me the BBS gene. When I was little every time we went into a public bathroom she would mention that she had a bashful bladder, and so the gene was passed.

So today in the bathroom I was spacing off and I had a flashback. I was peeing in the bathroom at my old job and laughing so hard I was crying because my friend had just confessed her most embarrassing moment and it is the funniest story I have EVER heard.

My friend who will remain nameless for obvious reasons, told me that one day at work she was talking with a few coworkers and in the middle of their conversation she sneezed so hard her tampon popped out! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!

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