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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Reminding you why you left Utah so you never go back

Celebrating the holidays with your siblings

Ozzy & Mazzy

Size comparison

Frozen Lucy in Provo, Utah

Snow Princess

Sun Goddess

Exit to SR 20

SR 20 to Kanab

Poor broke down Lucy

Jory & Mazzy waiting for the tow truck

Got caught in a snow storm, missed party with friends because of hospital stay with kidney stones, freezing ass cold weather and the car broke down. God doesn't hate you Jory he's just reminding you why you left Utah so you never go back.

At least it wasn't snowing

And what a beautiful drive home it was

One last romp in the snow

Poor sick Jory spread his nasty cold germs to me and now, poor sick Joey.


Jory said...

I'm sorry I made you sick...

Mr. E Mann said...

I'm less and less fond of UT every day!

One thing I do enjoy about the long journeys is all the environment/scenery changes you go through. I like the pictures; this is the longest we've gone without going back to UT ourselves.

Athena said...

Wow, pretty shitty luck. I'm sorry. At least you don't LIVE in Utah, imagine your luck then.

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