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Thursday, January 05, 2006

iPod Video

I think with the Terrible Trip to Utahard, I forgot to mention that my beautiful husband spoiled me for my birthday. The new 60 gig iPod Video is the koolest mp3/tv/video/tuck you into bed player! I love it! Thank you Jory, you're the bestest!


Lisa said...

Hey!!! I call it Utahrd, too...stooopid place. Are you from here, or do you have family/in-laws here? And if so...are you a...a...ya know, the "M" word? I gues i could read more than two sentences of your blog to find out, but that isn't exactly something I can do when I see a word like "utahrd"...I'm a bit like a squirrel, or a crow--if I see something shiny, off I go!

Anyway, I love that you quoted the song I was thinking of. And howdy. Nice to meet you. :)

Joey Girl said...

From Utahrd and still have family there. Not Mormon, they're crazy motherfuckers! Apologies to those I know who are, but you know you're crazy.
Being a crazed Zeppelin fan, I had to quote the song since you put in my head. Howdy back at ya.

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