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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Remember these?

Another reminder of how old I am.

We would walk over a mile to the local 7/11 to buy candy and bubble gum cigarettes and pretend to smoke them the whole way home. They may not be available in stores, but you can still enjoy a good candy cigarette thanks to Old Time Candy.
Isn't it interesting that we grew up watching Tom & Jerry and I didn't realized until 10 years ago that they smoke and drank in the cartoons?


tom said...

i got sooooo busted with candy smokes when i was 7 years old....and NOW look at me! A great big mess!

Mr. E Mann said...

I had a dream a few nights back that we were all hanging out and Tom and everyone who had quit smoking had started again!

My parents took mine when I got home, so I learned to hide them. ;)

Yes, and remember all the pink elephants? There are lots of "falling into the barrel of alcohol" scenes in kid shows!

Joey's Mom said...

You never walked over a mile anywhere except at girls camp.
Yes, Joey went to girls camp!
She always kept us laughing...

Joey Girl said...

I hate when I have to correct my mother in public, but ok. It's over a mile from Berniece's house to 7/11 on main street. While I'm at it, I walked over a mile to school everyday. And in high school, you have no idea how many miles I walked to get away from your house. I won't even go into how far I walked everyday when I was homeless. So next time you decide to take a piss on me, think before you type. You laughing now?

Joey's Mom said...

Do you feel better?

Joey Girl said...

Wow, I expected an apology, but ok.

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