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Friday, April 21, 2006

Doctors Appointment

Appointment went great, the oncologists said we have time. So I start Clomid today and we are ordered to have sex for the next 4-5 days. I love doctor's orders, they're so direct.

Of course it never fails, by having a doctor's appointment I SHOULD HAVE known he'd want me to get partially naked AGAIN. Another ultrasound to check on my ovaries. What's funny is he actually wanted to do a normal ultrasound but the nurse had me empty my bladder so he couldn't and did an internal instead. Jory's happy about not having to come to anymore appointments with me, now that the bad news appointments are over with.

Next appointment is for May 1st for another ultrasound.


Jory said...

Is it 4 to 5 days, or 45 days? Hahaha!

tom said...

April and I have an appt with some bigtime fertility specialist on Wed.

Crossed fingers all around!

Joey Girl said...

Jory, there's no way I could afford to pay you for 45 "services", you're too damn expensive! Hahaha!

Tom: Crossing ALL our fingers and toes for you and April!

Brooke said...

Woohoo!!! Good luck!!!

Mr. E Mann said...

Good luck to you all!

Jory, can you even handle 4-5 after your surgeries and video game playing (lack of exercise)? ;)
Have fun!

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