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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

Thank you Woody for everything that you do!


Jory said...

Hmmm, if more people are going to start doing all this, I am going to have to retaliate:

Nothing but new paper for me, none of that grey recycled shit, and I am going to use a new paper towel every time I wipe the Dorito crumbs off of my chin!

Organic Shmorganic, nothing but preprocessed, factory farmed goodness is going to go into my temple!

I am going to buy a Hummer!

The sink and the tub and the dishwasher are going to be running full out even when I am sleeping!

That collections of shopping bags is going right to the landfill, and then to help out our corporate brothers I am going to buy little miniature garbage bags for our smaller trash cans!

Hahaha! Woody I accept your challenge and I will take up the slack for everyone else's conservation efforts, you will all rue the day that you took on corporate America!

I wonder if anyone is going think this is for real?

Joey Girl said...

I'm glad you added that last sentence!

Mr. E Mann said...

ROFL! :)

We enjoyed a beautiful Earth Day at the beach. I'll have pics up at the fam site soon.

It's always nice to see an environementally friendly post. ;)

Joey's Mom said...

WOW I was concerned the boy had lost his mind for a minute or was pocessed !
Glad to see it was just a moment for make beleive.

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