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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moab Trip May 4th - 7th

Our home away from home
We are going to Moab this year for Jory's Birthday. We hope you will be able to join us, understanding the fairly short notice. We will be arriving Thursday May 4th and leaving Sunday May 7th. We will be staying at Sand Flats Recreational area Campground, as we have in the past. You will find us in Cluster F (if available) just look for our car and tent. For those of you coming, we will celebrate Jory's birthday Saturday.

Sandflats Recreation Area 885 Sand Flats Rd, Moab, UT 84532
After you pass the Sand Flat's booth, drive about 2.5 more miles to Cluster F. Click on this link for a map and direction to Sand Flats.

Rod & Jory 1998

Email Jory or myself to let us know if you are planning on going because we just found out TOOL is coming to Phoenix May 6th, so if no one is able to meet us in Moab, we might stay and go to Tool instead.


tom said...

I think ROD was planning on going, call him up!

Joey Girl said...

Jory was supposed to email him last night. So far Sara is the only one I know for sure is going.

Are Rod and Kay still together?

tom said...

who knows? i try not to...

Mr. E Mann said...

Well I was VERY sad when I realized I was going to have to miss Jory's birthday and the very first Moab trip of any I've been invited to! There just isn't any way we can make this one...! :(

I do have high expectations for the new Tool album/tour so either way, it should be a great B-day! ;)

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