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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Please Donate!

The more I read about this adoption process, the more I learn it will cost us more than we will ever expect even with it being an independant vs agency. Coming up with the money over time wouldn't be a big deal, it's the Up Front we're struggling with. Luckily my company will reimburse me somewhere between $3000 and $5000.

I've found through reading everything I can on every adoption site out there; a lot of people do adoption fundraisers. They give different ideas like Garage Sales (we already sold everything we could before we moved here), Create and sell Photography or art Calendars (I'm thinking it might be too early for a 2007), Sell "We support Adoption" teddy bears with shirts, Hold a raffle with the help of donated gift certificates from local businesses...etc.

So there are a few ideas, but I need more. I want to know what YOU as my friend, family, reader, supporter would be willing to donate money for. I've thought about publishing a collection of my poetry through LULU, but would YOU buy it? Would YOU buy hemp necklaces, dog collars, leashes, candles, crocheted scars? What about Joey and Jory Blog T-Shirts? Jory and I have talked about printing shirts with Jory's different Blog titles.

Something you can do to support our Adoption Fund, which costs you NOTHING is by clicking on my Ads by Google as often as you can, I earn less than a penny everytime you do. So far I'm up to $1.67 WOO WOO!

Or if you wish you can simply click on my Make A Donation button in the upper right hand side of my blog.

What is it that you would be willing to donate money for?


Mr. E Mann said...

Music is good for money...local band concerts, cd's, etc. if you have access to anything like that...

I enjoy hemp products and am amenable to purchase. ;)

Food products/events are also good motivation to drop extra cash.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else...

tom said...

i'd be willing to donate money to the "Taylor Adoption Fund" or the "April Bigtime Surgery" fund....

I also like cute little puppies and kitties. So maybe a "Save the Cute Little Puppies and Kitties" foundation.

Joey Girl said...

Eric, I like the local band concert I just need to make friends with some local bands.

Maybe I'll sell what hemp necklaces I've already made and see how the demand is.

OK Tom, I'm raising money for cute kitties and puppies...going to send money now?

What surgery is April getting?

tom said...

she has a huge fibroid thingy in her uterus that needs to be removed if we ever want to have kiddies the old fashioned way. Sounds eeriely familiar to your situation, kinda..

Can you send me some literature on your "Save the Cute Little Puppies and Kitties" foundation? Is my donation tax deductable?

Mr. E Mann said...

LOL, I didn't think of that (as I don't itemize deductions).

Well, Athena has come up with the best idea yet. (Well idea that we can help with, anyway.) If you are still in need come the end of July that is, we can donate the proceeds from one of my plants (which we'd label and set aside for your cause). ;)

Eric, Athena, Matrim, and Aviendha said...

Hahaha, just kidding of course since you know I don't sell any. ;)

Don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

librahippy said...

Doh! Forgot to change names.

Mr. E Mann said...

Ah, much better. Too damn many names and blogs to keep track of...

Anyway, once again, enjoy your vacation! Drive and/or ride safe. :)

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