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Monday, April 10, 2006

Possible Adoption Opportunity UPDATED!

Jory and I have joked in the past about certain younger relatives getting pregnant and letting us adopt their baby. Well that joke may just be a possibility. Found out yesterday that Christopher's friend's 20 yr old sister *Brandy (not her real name) is newly pregnant and planning on giving it up for adoption.

I totally had a Desperate Housewives "Gabby" moment...I really wanted to ask my mom if Brandy was cute. I didn't.

At the very least, this whole thing gives me something other than my pending ovarian doom to obsess about.

UPDATE: 4/11/06

So I found out today that my mommy dearest called and talked to Brandy's mother to let her know about Jory and I. Brandy hasn't gone to an agency yet and she is definitely planning on giving the baby up for adoption, she feels she's too young to take care of a child. She told my mom she would talk to Brandy the next day. From what my mom said, Brandy's mom seemed pretty excited by the fact that some good could come out of her daughter's situation. So we'll have to see what happens. I'll continue to keep you updated.


Jory said...

Like I said, your ovaries are Shi'a and your eggs are Sunni it is the civil war that no one wants to talk about...damn suicide cysts.

Joey Girl said...

LMAO! Send in the troops!

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