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Monday, April 24, 2006

Talking to our Lawyer

Good news! Brandy* has excluded the other couple because they live in the same town, she doesn't want to chance running into them in Walmart occasionally. So we are currently the only couple she is looking at to possibly adopt her baby! Can I say we're a bit excited! Now it seems there is an actual possibility now. They told us to talk to a lawyer and find out what we need to do if she does choose us. Sounds like things are moving our way, finally!

We're writing a letter to send her so she can get a feel for who we are. We're also going to send her some pictures of us. I'm having a hard time completing the letter because it's like the Letter of Our Lives! If she likes it, she's going to call me or have me call her so we can talk and then move towards meeting her in person. It scares me because this letter is her first impression of us and I don't know what to put in, what to leave out. How much detail to provide, it's crazy! I'm also having some friends write a letter to her about us, kinda like reference letters so she has more than just our opinions on us and how great of parents we think we'll be. So if any of you are interested in writing one that would be awesome, just email it to me or Jory.

As always, I'll keep you posted!

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Mr. E Mann said...

I'm sure being yourselves in your letter will go a long way to impressing her! Best of luck!

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