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Monday, May 15, 2006

Feelin' Crafty - 2 stories in 1

1st Ever Loom Knitted Baby Beanie Finished!

First pic with regular light

Second pic with extra light

I've been crocheting now for a few years, so far I only know the basic stitch and have made several scarfs and have been working on 2 blankets. I recently discovered and was inspired to teach myself how to knit. Several members talked a lot about Stitch and Bitch and Happy Hooker, so I put them on my Books-To-Buy List to help me learn how to read a fucking pattern and maybe make something not so square.

Jory and I had two $50 gift cards to burn, so we ventured out to Borders last Saturday. I immediately found my books and we wandered around looking for Jory's requests. I think we have the entire set of Disinfo books now...seriously! We also picked up the new Neil Young CD.

We go to the counter and hand over the gift cards and he tells us we still owe $40something. What?! Before we went into the store I asked Jory to check his wallet for a Borders GC because we get them every year from his youngest brother Casey and we don't always use them in a timely fashion. He didn't have it so I assumed the two I had were the newest ones, Of Course They Weren't. So we have a missing $50 Borders GC hiding somewhere in our house.

Sunday morning before work, I headed out to Joann's to buy some knitting supplies with two Gift Cards I got for Xmas. One I knew only had a few dollars on and the other should have been $50 that Jory's mom gave me. I buy like $54 worth of yarn and supplies and get to the register and hand over the GC's and she tells me I still owe $30something. WTF!?!?

I think our kitchen utensil thief is running down our GC balances. FUCKER!

So anyway...

I hauled all my new shit into work with me because I was PUMPED to start knitting. Everything I've read says it's sooooo much easier than crocheting. BULLSHIT! Either I'm retarded and the online How-To videos I watched were crap or well....I'm retarded. Seriously folks, I can't knit, I thought I had the cast on down, but I couldn't work out the first knit or purl. I tossed the knitting shit out of site and pulled out the new loom I bought for baby hats. I have an adult size one my mom gave me, but I was thinking maybe I could make a bunch of the baby sized ones and give one away to every person who donates $20 to our adoption fund. My first hat is almost done, I didn't work on it last night when I got home because I wasn't feeling good. Still not feeling all that swell. I'll post a picture if you promise not to laugh. Nevermind...Laugh It Up Buttercup!


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Check out my army blog. You might find it interesting talking about army and related news and everything else.

Michelle said...

Keep up with the knitting, it get's easier, I promise! Next time you all are here I will show you a few tips. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are uber knitters, I learned only cause I wanted to make socks. It seems that I can only ever finish socks. I have many other UFO's (unfinished objects).
Hope you guys had a blast in Moab, Michael and I really wanted to come but that was the week I graduated and we had family in town. Hope Jory's birthday was great too! I sure miss you guys! Talk to you soon.

macho tom said...

aren't looms cool? i got one and made some beanies last winter..

Jory said...

You know what Mitch Hedburg said about 2 in 1...

Mr. E Mann said...

Jesus Christ! Am I the only one not creating crafts...? Now everyone I know either knits, crochets, looms, etc or a combo! I always assumed that stuff was only for old women. j.k. :)

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