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Sunday, May 21, 2006

What we've been doing and family updates

We finally setup our new Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax-Mabob this weekend! My parents gave it to us for Xmas...yeah we've been busy OK!

We selected and printed our photos to send to *Brandy, I'll be posting them on our Adoption Blog in the next day or two. We're still trying to come up with a name for it, that is self-explanatory and memorable. Feel free to give us your ideas!

As long as Jory does his part to finalize The Letter tonight, it along with our photos and Sara's reference letter will be in the mail tomorrow. WAHOO!

Last night I completed my 5th baby beanie. It's hard to make more than one a day because my hand starts to cramp up, but even doing 1 per day until November 1st gives me 169 total hats. If I can sell all 169 for $10 plus shipping, that's $1690.00. If my friends and family who know how to knit or have a loom make some and donate them to my cause, that's all the more money we can raise. You may have noticed I changed the price from $20 to $10 per hat. From what I'm hearing most people wouldn't donate $20 for a baby hat regardless of the cause. They thought we might sell more at $10. Even if you don't have a baby or know a baby, you can always donate the $10 to us and then donate the hat to a hospital, group home or shelter.

My mom did point out that now, being summer is not the right time to be marketing baby beanies, but I'm going to continue to make them and hopefully by fall when the weather starts to change, they'll become more popular. We're coming up with alternative ideas like Baby blankets: receiving/quilts/etc.. might be good summer items. Feel free to submit your ideas as well!

On to our family updates:

A little over 2 1/2 weeks ago Jory's dad went to the hospital with sevier stomach pain. They found a grapefruit size tumor on his kidney that was bleeding out. His first surgery was to stop the bleeding, in the second surgery they removed the tumor and thankfully found it wasn't cancerous. He's out of the hospital and recovery at home.

My brother Shane and his wife Jessie sold their house for the price they wanted and put in an offer on super deluxe cabin style house. The house they want is on the south side of Star Valley Ranch, 3 bed/2 bath FULLY FURNISHED! Not just furnished with all the log cabin style couches/chairs/beds/dinning set etc...but it comes with a snowmobile and snowmobile trailer...and a snow blower! SERIOUSLY! They actually found this house and one just like it for the same price, but this one is 1 sqft larger and comes fully furnished. The great room/living room has and tongue and groove cedar siding on the walls and ceiling like what he did in their current house. It has hard wood floors thru-out. The buyer already verbally told them he was going to accept their offer, if he signs the paperwork tonight they will close on both houses on June 26th. I'm super excited for them! It's about damn time good things start to happen this year! I'll post some pics of their new house tomorrow after I receive them.

I guess that's about it for now...Cheers!


Mr. E Mann said...

I don't have a printer. I need to finish up my letter for you and then can I attach it as a Word file and have you print it?

Well, it never gets very cold here, but the kids love hats. :) I'll have to grab a couple when I recover from being broke in a couple months.

WTF! Everyone's going to the hospital this year. I'm glad it sounds like he'll be ok!

I hope everything goes through for Shane and Jessie on the houses! It sounds like a great score! I'll have to try and make it out to visit them when we're out in July. Speaking of which, I mentioned to Jory that it would be fun to get to see you both again when we come out. I don't think we can make it all the way down there again yet, but maybe we could meet you somewhere cool! We'll have to see if we can figure it out and make something happen. :)

Joey Girl said...

Yeah, just email us the letter and we can print it.

When are you going to Utahrd in July? If you give me the dates I can see if I can take some vacation. The sooner I know the better.

Mr. E Mann said...

Ok, letter is done. Let me know what I should do with it. :)

Mr. E Mann said...

LOL. For some reason it said there was only 1 comment and when I entered mine it showed that you had responded already.

We are going to try and head out of here the 24th of July. I'll keep you posted and I'll try to let you know exact dates A.S.A.P.

Mr. E Mann said...

I'll email it to your Cox address. :)

Athena said...

the beanies are adorable! I've got my ye on the lavender one so far:) Will they fit Matrim or are they just for babies?

Mr. E Mann said...

So, I was doing some checking of the maps. Where would you most like to go on vacation if it was like the last week of July or first of August on your available money and vacation time? (Keeping in mind that we have kids.)
It looks like Las Vegas would be the only place I can see of note that would be the same distance of drive for us both (around 5 out of the way for us and around 5 for you to get from Phoenix).
I know we'd have more fun there with no kids and there are cheaper places to meet, but we could definitately make it work if that's where you'd like to go.
If you wanted to go anywhere close to Ogden (like within a 7 hour radius or so) I think we could probably make it work.
Let me know what you think and we'll keep in touch about the exact dates. :)
(Also it might be nice if we could get Shane and Jessie to join us if we're going to be close enough to them.)

Joey Girl said...

Mr. Herb, We'll probably just schedule a trip to Utah at the same time, that way we can see our families and check out Shane and Jessie's new place too. They should be moved in by then. We could all go up to Shane's the same days if you want.

Athena, I have a child size loom too, so I can make a hat that will fit Mat, so I can email you a picture of all the color yarn I have and you can tell me what you want or you can just tell me what colors he would want and if I don't have it I can go grab some from the store. I'm guessing Blue and Orange...for the Bronco's? LOL!

tom the mad hatter said...

How do you make the brims on the bottom of the beanies? I haven't figured it out...

Mr. E Mann said...

That sounds like a great idea! We were hoping you might want to do that. Then we can all hang out together again and go check out Shane and Jessie's as well. I'll make sure to keep in touch about the date so we can plan for it.

Joey Girl said...

Tom...I'll make you a photo tutorial tonight, it's way easy. But for now if you can follow them, here are the easy steps:

1. Once you have knitted 5" for a large/adult hat. Or twice the length of the brim you want.

2. Reach inside the loom and place each loop from the bottom row over the corresponding peg.
NOTE: The Loop is the long one not exactly centered with the peg. This will fold the knitting in half to form the ribbing.
Continue around until all the loops are over the pegs.

3. Now pull the yarn loops on the bottom of the pegs over this ribbing row and over the top of the pegs.

4. Continue wrapping the yarn and pulling it over the pegs until you reach the desired length for your hat.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...


Athena said...

Yep, probably blue and orange or maybe just blue, maybe 2 shades of blue on the beanie. Can't wait to see you guys in Utah, going to Shane & Jessies sounds like fun!

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