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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Survived My Family Reunion!

I know I'm way behind on posting, sorry for being so lame.

Last weekend we packed the car up and headed north to Koosharem, Utah for a Kendrick Family Reunion. Where the Hell is that, you ask. Exactly, in the middle of F-ing no where! My father, not my dad (stepdad) but my DNA sharing Father recently finished building his legacy. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with giant loft and garage vacation house with wrap-a-round deck. Apparently he bought either 700 or 7000 acres on top of this mountain above Koosharem, UT so he could build his Dream Home in the woods. Shane (my brother with the same father) and I are very excited to one day inherit this "legacy" and pass it on to our future child/ren.

We were entering the mountains north of Phoenix when we realized we'd forgot the camera! I'm sure everyone knows how much we love our camera and how many damn photos we take everywhere we go. So this was huge. I actually thought for a full minute about turning around to get it but if we did, we'd hit rush hour and that adds hours on to the commute north out of Phx. It already takes 45 minutes to drive through Phx, add rush hour to that and you're in for an additional hour.

Anway...this is the first time we have forgot our camera on any trip. It makes it almost pointless to post about the trip because I don't have photographs to share with you, so you can "see" what I'm talking about. However, I will share a few things that happened on our adventure.

This is the first time we have driven through the Reservation and into Page, AZ during sunset. It's beautiful during the day, but at sunset it's gorgeous! Plus because of the fire burning in south of the Grand Canyon the smoke was creating the craziest clouds and at one point covered the sun so you could stare directly into it and it was Blood Red. The clouds moved just enough to make it look like the sun was bleeding! This was the beginning of "I can't believe we forgot the camera" moments! Blood Red Sun that you could stare directly at. When is that EVER going to happen again?

We thought about buying a cheap digital camera at Walmart in Page but I couldn't picture myself purchasing a cheap camera, even that would have been the point. I would have had to buy a decent camera and a decent camera isn't going to be cheap.

To be continued on July 10th.

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