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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lucy was spared!

We had quite the Monsoon rainstorm today. I missed it, because I was stuck inside working. But I had a coworker of mine come in from a smoke break and tell me I was lucky.

Why, I asked. He then proceeded to tell me that the left side of the tree I'm parked under has broke and fallen on 2 parking spaces. I'm parked to the right of the tree. THANK GAWD!

The only part of the tree left in the air, was right above my car! Seriously, lucky!

This was the other tree that apparently fell on a VW Jetta. They hooked up a rope to a truck and lifted it upright long enough for the Jetta to pull out, surprisingly unharmed!

I went home on lunch and grabbed our real camera, came back and took better pictures, it's obvious which one's are which. The shitty ones are from my cell phone.

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