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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Separation of Church and State?

I got into an argument with a friend who is (on again, off again Mormon) right before Bush stole his 2nd election, about her bishop telling the ward to remember to get out and vote for Bush. Not just get out a vote, which I fully support, but get out and vote for Bush. So if you're a good little church going member, wouldn't you feel like you're going Against your Bishop's orders if you were to vote for anyone other than Bush? It's do these psychos get away with this shit? Oh wait...It's the same reason why there are so many children who fall prey to their bishop/father/priest/pastor/chaplain/padre/holy man/friar/preacher/rabbi/vicar's sexual abuse.

One of the many reasons I hated living in Utah, there is no separation of Church and State. At church services last week, the priesthood read this letter from the First Presidency. It's a letter about the United States Senate who will vote on 06/06/06 on an amendment to protect the traditional institution of marriage. They are urging their members to contact their senators to express their support of banning gay marriage.

In BYU Philosophy Professor Jeffrey Nielsen's article in today's Salt Lake Tribune he brought up a point I've questioned many times. How can they possibly support marriage between a man and a woman if LDS women are not allowed Temple divorces, therefore living a polygamist life after death?

But...My favorite part of his article was this:

"Ultimately, any appeal to religious authority to create law is misplaced. Our Founding Fathers were inspired by their study of history to separate constitutional authority from religious belief, recognizing as they did the potential for tyranny in unchecked religious influence. In our pluralistic democracy, attempting to restrict an individual's rights and privileges based upon a religious claim is a dangerous rejection of our Founding Fathers' wise insight, and it should be unacceptable to all Americans."

Nuff said.


Jory said...

I think it's funny that there will be a vote regarding outlawing gay marriage on 666. While they are busy arguing about dicks in hairy asses and lipsticked mouths on vaginas, Satan (if he were real) is busy encouraging American soldiers to kill innocents in the name of freedom. Christ (if he were real) I am sure would be busy debating the merits of outlawing gay love as opposed to trying to end a war. If they are going to keep touting this as "protecting marriage" then they ought to throw in some parts about outlawing divorce, or outlawing premarital and extramarital sexual relations, but I suppose those areas might just hit to close to home for these "traditional values" types. Hypocrites.

I hope the hermaphroditic aliens make their appearance soon so we can put this archaic "religious belief" saga in human history to rest once and for all.

Joey Girl said...

That's why I HAD to list the date as 06/06/06...too funny!

I meant to mention my suggestion on outlawing divorce, I must have got a call and lost my train of thought. Damnit! Seriously, if marriage is so sacred, then DON'T ALLOW them to get divorced at all!
I just don't understand how Jim and John's marriage is going to AFFECT your marriage? It's not...just like an African American man marrying a caucasian woman was not going to affect anyone else's marriage before 1964.

Shrub, stop Forcing Your Fucking Religion On Me!

Eric, Athena, Matrim, and Aviendha said...

Integratation of church and state breeds discord and that is the goal of this administration, I think. It's slight of hand...look at the distractions of my left hand while my right hand robs you blind.
Also, when the U.S. mixes church and state then butts heads with other countries that have no separation of church and state, they shouldn't be surprised if it turns into holy wars and jihads etc.

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