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Thursday, July 20, 2006

13 Weeks 4 days "High and to the right, like a Republican."

My appointment was pretty F'n Kool! The doc tried to hear the heart beat with the Doppler but couldn't find it. I wanted to tell him the baby is sitting really high up but I don't like telling DOCTORS what to do. AND I really wanted an ultrasound so I kept my mouth shut.

So I had my first belly U/S and we could see the baby very clearly, well more clearly than in the past and see her heart beat and see her move. We have seen the baby move in the past but it was moving around so fast it doesn't really seem real...if you know what I mean. This time we got to see the baby move her head kinda like she was looking at us, telling us to back the fuck off and stop disturbing her. (I'm using HER/SHE until we know the sex, it's just easier that way.) No picture again. I don't know why, does the paper cost like $50 a pop or something? Doesn't make sense to me.

Oh and guess where the baby was? That's right...up high and to the right! Doc said "High and to the right, like a Republican." LOL! Even more comforting to know he's not a ReThug.

Anyway so since he found her on U/S, he pulled the Doppler back out and tried to find the heart beat. After a few silent moments, there it was, so strong, so quiet, so cute. Such a kool moment, I won't ever forget it!

Four weeks until my next appointment, August 17th.


Jory said...

I didn't know you could hear heartburn? HAHAHA!

Joey Girl said...

Apparently I was experiencing heartburn at the time. Thank you for the correction.

Mr. E Mann said...

It's crazy to watch them do their acrobatics on the monitor. :)

Sometimes we didn't get a picture unless we asked and sometimes they were unintelligible even to us.

I like the "high and to the right" comment. That would make me feel more comfortable with docs if they would make comments like that. ;)

Athena said...

Im so happy you get to experience all this fun stuff! You're lucky your doc has a ultrasound machine in the office. With Avi we had to make a seperate appointment at the hospital to get them and we only got 2.

Brooke said...

Holy crap! I just found out about this yesterday. My internet connection is so screwed up these days, I couldn't post.


How thrilling! Was this pg a result of that Clomid cycle so many months ago?

Hope all is well!

Joey Girl said...

Yeah, the first clomid cycle and first time we tried after my surgery in March. Crazy huh?

Thank you!!!

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