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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The day we found out

Sunday May 28, 2006
Before work today I took my car to Walmart for an oil change, they’re super cheap and super fast! While I was there I figured I may as well go ahead and buy a pregnancy test because my boobs have been sore for over a week. I’m 11 days late, but that really isn’t abnormal for me. The first time I went on Glucophage in 2001, I became regular like clockwork, but this time around with Metformin, I’ve been a week or two late each cycle. My boobs’ being sore wasn’t an obvious sign either. My boobs were really sore in April but only for 2 days right before my period. I had almost purchased a pregnancy test the previous Thursday, but I’ve done that so often and been so disappointed when they all came back negative.

(Possible TMI ahead!)
Friday came and my Dr’s appointment was cancelled due to a family emergency. Friday night my hopes were smashed when I started bleeding. Saturday morning I woke up depressed, went to the bathroom and no blood? Weird. I went all day Saturday randomly checking, no blood. This morning I woke up, no blood but boobs are still sore. Maybe there is a chance!
(TMI over)
Walmart took longer than usual with my car so I had to rush to work. I sort of forgot about the test most of the afternoon, but had read through the directions at least 3 times.

While driving home for lunch, I decided I was going to take the test. I remembered the directions said if you take the test up to 4 days before your period is supposed to start you need to take it in the morning when you first wake up. But if you’re late, you can take it anytime during day.

I got home and told Jory I was going to take the test, I had to pee anyway. As soon as I was done, I opened the door so Jory could come in and we followed the directions, sat the test down and planned to wait the 3 minutes. Jory picked up the instructions to verify I followed them correctly, he seriously has OCD! ;)

As we started looking at the instructions, Jory looked down then up and smiled at me. I immediately looked at the test and it said PREGNANT, it had only been seconds!

We both beamed at each other, but didn’t want to celebrate too early, so we agreed to wait the full 3 minutes JUST TO MAKE SURE before we got excited. We were both grinning ear to ear, pacing around, thinking this was too good to be true! This was the first real try with Clomid after my surgery. There is no way it could have been this easy!

After we concluded that 3 minutes had passed, we hugged and kissed and agreed to try and stay calm. You’re not supposed to celebrate until after the doctor confirms it, especially with my medical phenomenons. It was so hard coming back to work, I’m too excited, I can hardly stand sitting here! I have to tell someone!

I just called my mom, she’s super excited but has to keep it quiet until after my Dr.’s appointment. Unfortunately I sort of ruined this whole thing for my mom. I had called her a week ago and asked her what her early signs were. I checked in with her every other day or so and made her promise she wouldn’t tell a soul not even my dad. So now this is going to be even harder for her because she knows it’s real now. I’m actually really surprised she hasn't told anyone yet, she has a hard time keeping secrets. ;)

We’ve been trying to quit smoking seriously for the last 5 months and I knew it may take getting pregnant to finally quit. As horrible as it may be I plan on starting fresh tomorrow morning. I hope this part is going to be as easy as I’ve thought it would be. I’m going to stay positive!


Mr. E Mann said...

Oh no, not Wal-Mart, Joey! ;)

Your description of taking the test brought back the memories of Athena and I since we were trying to have a kid the second time. Of course, not quite as exciting since we didn't expect any trouble getting pregnant. :)

Hopefully the quitting smoking will go as easy for you as it did for Athena once she found out she was preggers.

Joey Girl said...

Haven't had a cigarette since May 29th. That's 46 days to be exact.

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