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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm a Quitter!

On May 29, 2006 I, Joey C. Johnson quit smoking cigarettes. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I admit, I had one the first and second nights. I shared one with Jory the third night and the fourth night the first drag tasted like shit so I stopped there. I held on to that thought and haven't had one since. It has been 35 days since I quit and I still crave them. I'm passed the habit of smoking when I would have had one before; like after each meal, when I get in the car, when I call someone to chat, when I'm stressed out or simply need a break from whatever I'm doing.

In fact I passed a milestone a couple weeks ago. We had a very stressful situation occur, it was bad enough I was even crying. I don't cry often. It was not until after the ordeal had ended and Jory and I were laughing about it, that I realized, not once during the entire meltdown did I think about wanting to smoke. That's Fucking Amazing! I never thought I'd get to a point that I wouldn't think about smoking during any stressful situations!

There will be moments when I walk by smokers and gag from the smell. Then there are others when the smoke smells as good as fresh baked cinnamon rolls. I can definitely understand how people fall off the wagon so easily. I've smoked almost a pack a day for the last 11 years and I refuse to be a slave to the cigarette again, but I will miss my friend Mr. Smokey for the rest of my life.

RIP Mr. Smokey!


tom said...


Joey Girl said...

Thanks Tom! We've been trying for so long and it finally felt like the right time; it's nice not to have to go outside in 110 degree weather for a smoke. Also if this adoption goes through then it will be perfect timing.

I didn't mention in my post because it was more about my struggle to quit since Jory has always been the strong one, but Jory also quit. YAY Jory!

Joey's Mom said...

I am so proud of you both. I know this is not an easy thing to do but I commend you for taking the BIG step.

tom said...

Jory too?!

i think my brain's gonna explode!!

whassup with the adoption?

Dom said...

You are the best! I am hoping one day I can join the quitter revolution, but alas I have only gone as far as using the tar blockers for my cigarettes. I still get the sweet feeling of smoking minus a large amount of tar and nicotene. It will suffice for now, but I know I have to stop eventually too. Damn us all to health!!!

Joey Girl said...

We haven't heard anything since we mailed our letters to her towards the end of May. The only thing we've heard from behind the scenes was that she was changing her mind everyday on whether to keep the baby or not. She actually told her brother that she wanted to keep the baby because it will help her stay clean. All we know is we are still the only couple she has in mind.

From the advise of my friends who have given their babies up for adoption, we are not going to push her for a response, we're giving her at least 2 months. We're not sure what we'll do after that if we haven't heard from her?

If it's meant to be, then it will work. Otherwise there will be other opportunities I'm sure.

Jory said...

Quitting is for sissies AND Jorys being manipulated by the woMAN! Boo on that! One day I will return to you my sweet sweet tar filled cylinder of goodness! If it isn't before I die, then there better be cigs'o'plenty behind those pearly gates, OR ELSE!

Mr. E Mann said...

AWESOME!! It's great to hear that both of you are quitting!

I was wondering lately how the adoption situation was working out. We've still got our fingers crossed for you!

Don't worry Jory, there will be doobies a plenty!

Athena said...


Brooke said...

That is so awesome! Congrats, big time! Hopefully this well help on the ttc front as well. Can't hurt!

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